January 27, 2012

pictures don't really match the words but whatever.

a pink princess dress. on my kid. it makes her happy so yeah, a pink princess dress on my kid. :)

A week after Lovie turned 2, she started flipping out during drop off at daycare in the morning. Just like that. Every morning for 8 straight school days, she flipped out when I dropped her off: arching back, screaming, crying with tears flooding her face, body flopped to the floor when not arched back.

When I would pick her up from school, she was fine. She was Lovie.

pink jeggings. on my kid. they're adorable and they were gifted so yeah. pink jeggings on my kid! :D

But the next morning, it was back to the screaming and crying and unhappy child.

The pediatrician had warned us that the Terrible Two's brought out a lot of independence but a lot of neediness, too... but this was crazy to me. I mean, all of a sudden, just like that things were going to be different?! And there was nothing I could but keep on trucking?

I started to dread school mornings. I didn't want to be the one to wake her. I contemplated changing hours at work to see if it was that she wasn't getting enough rest because I couldn't imagine putting her to bed any earlier (than 7- the bedtime she's had forever) and she wasn't acting out in this manner on the weekends when she could wake up on her own.

bathtime from the other night

Then last week happened. Monday we were both off for MLK day and everything was fine- though by the end of the day she had a fever. She stayed home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because she was still feverish (except for Thursday). Friday when I dropped her off, I was terrified.  But she was OK. She whined a minute and latched onto my leg but was OK: no freakout.

And all this week? FINE! This morning, in fact, she ran into her room and leaped into her teacher's arms.

from last night: she had to have her hand constantly on me at all times as we sat watching Nick Jr.

Dudes, it's so good to have my sweet girl back. I mean, of course she has her moments (she threw her hugest tantrums last Thursday and Friday both- I'm talking screaming and crying for an hour practically {or so it seemed}- so it's not like I'm trying to say she's perfect), but for the most part this kid is unbelievably awesome, and *I* get to be her Mama. 

I'm so blessed. Even during those rough days (with more to come, I'm sure), I'm so immensely blessed.

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  1. I'm glad things are back to normal. I can't imagine that girl ever being difficult. ;-) She's so cute. Jeggings are my favorite.


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