January 19, 2012

Tis the Season

this week has been rough for a certain little one.

she's been home all weeks sans for a visit with grandpa on Monday. but by lunchtime Monday, i knew something was wrong when she didn't want a hot dog OR fries! blasphemy!

so all week i've been coming to work before the sun rises and only staying a couple hours before returning home to be with my Lovie and letting the hubs go off to work. he makes the big bucks after all.

and the girl is glued to me, sitting on me at all times unless she's sleeping.

poor thing. thank goodness for boogie wipes, team umizoomi, and modern technology allowing me to save my sanity from Nick Jr.

i'm pretty sure the fever broke in the middle of the night but we're keeping her home today to be safe (though that's what i thought yesterday only for her to be at 101 all day). hopefully tomorrow we go back to "normal."


  1. Get well Lovie!! Having sick kiddos is the worst, especially when we have to try and balance being there for them as much as we can, knowing we have to work, etc. I hope she's on the mend today! :)

  2. Poor baby! That sickly lil face breaks my heart!


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