January 26, 2012

top 10 Life Stories

* As a little, I apparently hated playing with dolls and wearing dresses. I know this cuz my mama always marvels over how my Lovie adores her baby dolls and how sweet she is with them.

* I was a thumb sucker for a very long time.

* Play-doh was an absolute favorite of mine to play with- and eat.

* I puked any time I was in the back seat of a moving car for more than 20 minutes. Every single time. We took a lot of car rides when I was a kid and my siblings insisted they squish me into the back seat of the car despite the fact that each and every time, I would puke my guts out. Every time. My brother made a lot of blueberry pancakes when I was kid. Ask me how I remember this.

* I’ve told this story before but when I was 6 I slammed my hand thru a window to get my sister’s attention so that I could find out if we had to go to gymnastics or not.

* Puberty hit me very early on and when I was 10, I noticed hair. Down there. So I cut it. The next day I woke up and there was blood in my undies. I thought it was because I cut my hair too much or something and nearly had a heart attack. I was at my cousin’s house at the time so I called her into the bathroom to show her I was dying. She called in her step mom and it turns out I had gotten my period for the first time.

* I became a huge Prince fan when Purple Rain came out. I loved listening to the cassette over and over and over again. I especially loved the song Darling Nikki. One day when I was listening to the song on my Walkman, I asked my mom what “masturbating” meant. She refused to look at me and refused to answer me, urging me to “look it up.” I did look it up in the dictionary and still couldn’t figure out what it meant. I was like 11.

* I ran away from home when I was around 10. Really, it was my brother and I who ran away and we were running away from my grandparents’ house to our home.  We actually had help from some of my sister’s friends who lived near my grandparents, but we all made a pact to never tell anyone that they were involved (they let us hide out in their place and watch TV all day while we were “walking home” and then drove us to about a mile away from home that night). The police got called, my dad got called (this was right after my parents split so involving my dad was a bigger thing than involving the cops).  The next day, my mother drove us right back over to my grandparents’.

* I used to go to professional soccer games nearly every weekend they had Home games. I spent hours during the week making confetti from newspaper. I knew all the players names and positions. I even used one of those plastic horns that always sent darting eyeballs in my direction.

* After a Bryan Adams concert years and years ago, we waited in the rain for an autograph- and got one! I became completely star struck when I saw him and couldn’t say one word. Instead, after he signed our stuff, we all hopped into my 1969 VW Bug and chased him down the highway (he was being driven in a white van), into the city, and to the hotel he was staying at. And that’s where the story ends. Just like that.

3.) You know the stories that are retold a million times at family gatherings? I call them Life Stories that you just never live down. List your Top 10 Life Stories. Example here.


  1. I too was a thumb sucker for a really long time. But I didn't get my period until I was fourteen! I thought something was wrong with me because everyone else I knew had had theirs for two years already!

  2. I love the period story! Hee hee. I also was a car puker.... actually, I still am!

  3. Oh gosh, as the mother of a daughter, I'm already dying inside having to explain masturbating to her. Better start investing in some good and informative books for her now!!!

  4. You really have stories to tell. Bet Brian was looking through the back window of his van wishing he had a cool bug like you!


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