August 3, 2012

TILTW: 7.28-8.3

* I'm the only person in the universe who's not going to #BlogHer12.

* That's OK cuz I'm going to #RelaxHer12. In fact, I'm on my way there right now! Holla!

* I'm also the only person in the universe who doesn't really give a shit about the #Olympics.

* That's OK cuz Samuel L. Jackson (yep, The) is on the Twitter and gives the best updates anyway so I'm clearly not missing much.

* Not too much else matters this week, except that I'll miss my sweet lovebug terribly. This isn't about guilt, it's about just wanting to be with that little girl every chance I get. But I'll come home and scoop her up into my arms and life will be better than ever.


  1. Have a GREAT trip!!!! Enjoy yourself and think how excited you and Lovey will be when you reunite!

  2. I'm not at BlogHer nor am I at RelaxHer. Damn you! Have fun!


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