July 26, 2012


A week from tomorrow, I'll be here:

Paradise, if you will.

It will be the first time in four years since hopping on a plane.

It will be the first time in ten years since vacationing without my husband.

It will be the first time in two years, seven months, and twelve days I'll be overnight without my Lovie. (This one scares the shit out of me to the point of making me feel a little ill when I really think about it. I love her so friggin much and it hurts to think about being away from her so I do my best not to thinking about this.)

I'll be meeting up with my BFF/cousin. She's flying in from NYC, I'm flying in from Chicago. Two big city girls, who happen to turn 40 this year, getting away for a long weekend of doing absolutely nothing but lay by the ocean for three days... to celebrate each other and our lives. And hopefully another 40 more years together.

Cheers to 40 years!

the absolute best thing to ever happen to me in almost 40 years... so glad to be doing this trip before my
bday so i can celebrate my actual bday with her by my side. i'm such a sap. and??


  1. You are most certainly NOT a sap. Lovie is so scrumptious I wouldn't want to leave her and she's not even mine, ha. Hell, I'm having an issue with leaving all of mine for three days next week and my oldest is 11. Happy birthday to you and your cousin. I hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling, recharging time by the beach.

  2. Happy birthday! Lovie is precious! Enjoy the little break!

  3. as much as I want to go away for a weekend, I know I'd miss PJ and Mags terribly. That's a good thing, but you will still enjoy yourself so much and have so much fun you hopefully won't be sad about it. And she'll be so excited to see you !!

  4. Happy birthday! 40 is awesome! Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  5. ohhhhhh happy beer day :)

    BTW i'm #196 follower

  6. have a fantastic birthday and I am jealous!

  7. I'm absolutely jealous!

    I hope you have a blast & happy birthday to you both!

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  9. Not a sap. I feel that way and my kids are all big. The good thing about going away is the coming back.

    (I can't comment as my current blog. Accidentally by Design. crazybeloved was our adoption blog.)


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