July 13, 2012

The Forbidden {-Fiction-}

I was captivated with her the moment we met. Rather, the moment I saw her glide into the dining room that first time: Her long dark hair, her bright eyes, her full lips, that plump ass, and those boobs. Fuck me, her boobs screamed for me to manhandle them… to grab a hold and squeeze… to plant my face between them and let each tittie slap me on either side of my face while I breathed in her essence.

She was fat though.

And fat chicks don’t cut it with us most of the time. (Truth is, though, that we all like some meat, we all like to grab a hold of something. Fuck yeah.)

Anyways, so, Beth walked in and the more she moved, the more her hair bounced, the more her boobs jiggled… the harder I got.

But I had no idea who she was and couldn’t ask Brad or Chuckie- though I’m sure they woulda loved to talk about her tits. So I just watched her any chance I could- like when she’d walk into the break room. Man, I loved watching her bounce. And I also started chatting it up with Marilyn, the old lady with sagging boobs that worked at the front desk who knew everyone and everything about the nursing home.

Several weeks after seeing Beth that first time, I was leaving and noticed Marilyn sitting alone at the front desk so I asked if I could use the phone.

“Dan, you know I can’t let employees use this here phone,” she replied.

“I know Miss Marilyn, but my grandma’s been real sick and my phone is dead,” I replied, holding up my turned off cell phone.

She looked at me and nodded her head for me to come behind the desk. I dialed the number to my own cell and asked my ailing grandmother if she needed me to bring anything during my visit that evening. I thanked Marilyn after hanging up with grams and left. And the next day, when Marilyn asked how my visit was with sick old grams, I asked about the new chick who happened to be talking with one of the residents near the piano in the community center.
“Oh that’s Beth,” she smiled, turning back to me. “She came in from one of the agencies to help with marketing. She seems real nice.”

Marilyn’s bloodshot blue eyes studied me for a moment before she added, “Are you sweet on her, Dan?”
I told her I was, but that with my sick grandma and all the moving I’d done over the past couple years, I was a little rusty in the making friends department.


  1. I like that you wrote this from the man's POV. I think that you got it--boys are all about the visual!

  2. Ick. I despise men who talk like that. You made him wonderfully distasteful. It's not the sort of read I like particularly, but I can appreciate the blatant honesty of the protag. Well done!

  3. OMG I had to do a huge doubletake when I started reading this lol!

    I'd just come from a couple of other "forbidden" posts where kids were the center, and I see your blog title and the adorable picture of your daughter on the right...

    I started reading your entry "Her long dark hair, her bright eyes, her full lips..." and thought "Oh! What a beautiful little girl!" Then I read on... "...that plump ass..." and I think "Er... that was weird, but babies are chubby and...well, it's not too weird..." but then I read the next words "...and those boobs." and it finally hit me!

    Oh, my, that was quite a little shock I gave myself lol!

    OK. Now that my mind is where it should be... YES! You did the male POV so very very well. I even scrolled back up to the top to verify that this was indeed a MOM's blog! Very well done. And yes, I agree with Shelton... you also imparted a certain degree of "Ick" into this guy!

    It does end a bit abruptly... is this something you intend to continue?

    1. hehe i was afraid of this happening which is why i wanted to make it clear it was Fiction in the title. but maybe i need to put a little intro next time. ;) :)

      i do agree it ends a bit abruptly and i very may well play with these characters again.

  4. This was great! I was sucked right in.

  5. I hope, for Beth's sake, this guy keeps worrying about what other people think and leaves her the hell alone. He's way skeevy.

  6. I think you nailed the male POV in this piece. The details he noticed and how he approached it were VERY typical male. Not to say all men are like that, but it is the kind of thing many men think and do. Great job!


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