July 5, 2012

the Fourth

Independence Day has never been a big deal in my family growing up. I think divorce will do that to a family. From what I can recall, I generally spent most July 4ths with my dad who is very much a get-outside type of person. He hates staying inside; he's always got to be doing something.

I remember visiting some people who were somehow related to his mother's cousin on a couple different July 4th holidays. Their house was one of about a dozen or two that circled around a little lake. We'd eat BBQ and pasta (of course), play with sparklers and water, ride paddle boats. And at night, we'd watch the fireworks over the lake. Looking back it was pretty damn cool, but as a preteen and teen, I hated it. I was so bored. I knew nobody but my dad. Yippee. I wanted to be out with friends partying. But I didn't have many friends because of how often my mom moved. Besides, my dad was/is great at laying on the guilt trips about seeing him.

When I became an "adult," I still didn't do much on the Fourth; I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen a fireworks display on the actual Fourth- or in honor of it. 

I just hate the crowds of people, the sweat, the smoke, the clusterfuck of ...everything.

Now that we have Lovie, however, I'd really like to change some of this. I'd love nothing more than to have some sort of "tradition" for something we do on or around the Fourth. But I don't have any family related to my mother's cousin who live on a lake to visit and neither does my husband. (Actually, Taye probably does since both of his parents are one of eleven children {could you imagine?!} but there are so much family it's confusing.)

July 4, 2010
Lovie was only 6 months old on her first July 4th in 2010 so we treated the day like any other weekend day off with her and just hung around at home.

July 4, 2011
Last year I insisted we do something so we packed some bags and headed out to the park for picnic (with McDonald's) and play. But Lovie was quite off and it got hot fast so we were back home by early afternoon to discover Lovie had a 103 temperature! It was horrible and I felt awful for dragging her out in the hot just to start some sort of tradition.

July 4, 2012- hey, at least it was a red, white, and blue bath!

This year... well, this year the 4th fell smack dab in the middle of the week. As you're well aware. We had no plans going into it but I did look up some parks and pools nearby in the hopes of having some sort of plan. But as the day neared and the damn heat rose, we ended up doing nothing. It was just too damn hot to leave the house.

Instead, we woke early, watched TV, had some breakfast and then just did whatever which consisted of painting with water colors for about an hour, painting with finger paints for about 10 minutes (never again- will leave that for school), took an hour long bath, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, had a hot dog for lunch,

is there anything more American than a hot dog, Cheetos, and applesauce?

took a two hour nap, made pancakes with playdoh, ate popsicles, watched more MMCH, ate dinner, watched Olivia, and went to bed. Well Lovie went to bed. Then Taye and I chilled out on the couch not touching one another, not moving, trying not to sweat even though the air conditioning hadn't shut off once all day.

It was like any other day in our house when we're all home together.

So actually, it was damn lovely.

Even without any BBQ or water play or watermelon or fireworks.


  1. Too cute! Mirah's first 4th was yesterday at a little over 5 months.

    Your lovie is too cute. LOVE that bonnet. & Yes, this middle of the week crap has me all mixed up!

  2. Lovie is an angel! Sounds like your 4th was filled with fun and family, even without the usual activities!

  3. Maybe an at home, indoor fun day should be your 4th of July tradition. Let's face it, it is always going to be hot on the 4th.

    1. haha good point!! :) still, it'd be nice to be outside at some point. ;)

  4. That sounds like a good 4th to me! My girls could entertain themselves for hours in the bath...they love it! And yes, it was damn hot. Still is. I hope we get a break soon!

  5. I hear you!!! We did the parade and the fireworks yesterday and I have never sweat so much from just sitting!!! Today was no better!

    Sounds like a great day!! Especially the nap part! ; )

  6. Your 4th sounds pretty similar to ours, except we did go to the town fireworks (along with a bazillion other people). Note to self: not worth the sweat!!

  7. In Newark, we don't have our own fireworks on the Fourth itself, so we had already gone last Friday (which happened to be my oldest's birthday which was awesome). Being one of 16 myself, and with 5 of my own so far, my husband and I love having any excuse to have a family get together. It doesn't have to be big or even the same thing every year. It just has to be something with our family. This year, it was a bbq with some of my sisters and parents and our kids (oh, and tons of water lol). Next year, who knows. The tradition for us is being with family. Your tradition seems to be the same (even if it's not with extended family). Have a great time no matter what you do :)
    Bridget @ Le. Rheims (stopping by from Mama Kat's

  8. Really I think it comes down to doing what you want to do and if you're tradition turns out to be eating an 'All-American Meal' of hot dogs and applesauce, watching a movie and avoiding melting, then its just perfect. Traditions are what we make them, not what anyone else does. Sounds like you had a pretty nice day. I wish my kids & I had done more of something on the 4th, but in the end it didn't matter too much. Visiting from Mama Kat's!


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