July 19, 2012

peace, quiet, and kinda creepy

A log cabin with fine amenities tucked far off a country road.

A large living room that opens into a bright and airy dining room that leads into an ample kitchen with a round table set in front of sliding glass doors leading out to the deck that wraps around the west side of the house- the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun set. Just outside the deck off the kitchen is open space with luscious greens and a vast wall of pine trees blocking any views into any other homes that may or may not be neighboring.

A glistening, small, hand-made lake sits a bit further away where the kiddo can play in the sand, splash in the water… where we can just sit and be.

Huge windows in the living room overlook open landscaping of green grass, looming trees, and gorgeous hills off in the distance that fold into the sky. In the fall, those hills are littered in reds and yellows and browns and oranges. The view is like a painting and anyone and everyone ever sitting inside the house comments on how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

Because it truly is.

There’s no cars, no neighbors, no stores nearby.

My make believe vacation home is Peace and Quiet and maybe even a little creepy in the dead of night.

note: i shit you not that after i wrote this i googled "log cabin in woods" and "log cabin by lake" and found it! my dream vacation home is in Michigan (i thought i was in Maine but Michigan will do, too)!


  1. That house is SO cute and completely a dream house I would envision HOWEVER I'm such a baby that I could never live in a house that it was even remotely close to woods! :) I'd never leave it if it was dark out! ;)

  2. It really does look lovely and peaceful... a little to peaceful ;)

  3. That sounds awesome! And creepy. But mostly awesome.

  4. I would love that. I need some quiet!

  5. Oh, that would be pure heaven!


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