July 18, 2012

Jackpot moment

It’s obvious to me that we’ve hit the jackpot with her; I think about it every single day.
We’re halfway through the Terrible Two’s and, not to gloat, but it hasn’t been terrible at all. Not one bit. There have been some not-so-awesome moments, of course, but more than not, the days are absolutely beautiful with her and it’s all because of who she is, who she’s becoming.

She’s a lover, this one. She adores animals and babies and will often talk about “how coot” they are. She loves her friends and her teachers, and she also loves her Mama and Daddy, too- which rocks our world, obviously.

Lovie adores being in contact with us. Not in an unhealthy way, I don’t think. She doesn’t freak out if one of us leaves the room or the house.  She’s content with being near either of us, and especially loves sitting right on top of our laps. We could be playing on the floor or watching TV and she’s always climbing on top one of us to sit or lay, or at least placing her hand on us.

It’s like she’s letting us know that she loves and appreciates us just as much as we do her, and it makes being a parent to this little chica an indescribable joy.

I feel like she’s a really happy and content little girl; she’s always smiling, she’s always so happy just being.

And she’s always doing these sweet little things like climbing into the side of a restaurant booth that her daddy is sitting in just to give him hugs and kisses, just to be near him.

i mean, how cute are they?!? god bless the cell phones of today!!

Ack, she’s just so damn amazing. And we’re so damn blessed.

We’ve totally hit the jackpot with this one.


  1. This makes my heart lurch! Ada will be up soon - time for morning snuggles :)

  2. AWWW she is so coot!

    I never thought 2's were that terrible. It's 3 you have to look out for!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    1. she's super coot! ;D i have definitely heard that about 3s so i'm trying to really enjoy these 2s that much more. :)

  3. Oh, that pictures makes my heart swell. What a sweetheart.

  4. She does sound amazing. Lucky you!

  5. So very much love for your sweet girl! :)

  6. Beautiful. I feel this way with both my girls. So lucky, so in love.

  7. Knock on wood, but we feel pretty lucky too. We have had our moments... and our moments have ever-so-slightly increased as she's approaching three, but we really have been lucky. Babygirl is such a good girl, and I'm scared to think that we won't get so lucky with baby #2!! haha Maybe we should just stick with one! ;o)

  8. What a tender moment! You can see how much they love each other.


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