July 13, 2012

TILTW: 7/7-7/13

* I freaking love playing Hide n Seek with Lovie. She's hysterical. I love the way she always hides in the same exact spot- huddled up into a ball in the middle of her oversized bean bag chair in her playroom just off the living. Every single time she tells us, "You count to 20 and I hide!", she then runs right to bean bag chair. Sometimes after we say, "Ready or not, here I come," we take our time looking around saying, "Where is she? Where's [Lovie]?" Sometimes she'll start giggling, other times she'll bounce up and and tell us, "I right here!"  And then when the tables turn and she looks for us, she runs from room to room, always checking the last place she found me, after counting to 20 (sometimes she will do the whole counting thing, other times she will say "1 and 20!" {smart ass already!}) and saying, "Ready or not here my come!"

* We went to the zoo last Sunday.

The 100 degree temps finally broke (praise!) so we went for it. The high was 82 but it was super sunny and the zoo has little shade. We roasted. But it was fun. And it was spur of the moment and it all made it seem like we were on vacation. Fun times. But I think we won't be back till it's below 80 out there.

* Very random, but apparently, as long as you were married for 10 years, you can collect on your ex-spouse's social security. Even if you haven't been married to them for 30 years, you can collect on their social security once they die.


  1. So cute, always hiding in the same spot!!I have never seen a picture of Lovie not smiling!

  2. I knew that about SS... stinks for me... although I was with my ex for 12 years, we were only married for 6, but then we got married at 23 and divorced when I was 29, so I probably couldn't have done it any sooner :-)

    I used to love when my children would sit in the middle of the room, cover their own eyes and say, "Find me!" because since they couldn't see me, they thought I couldn't see them. They both did it independently of each other and it still makes me smile to think of it!

  3. I'm so charmed by her hide and seek! I remember playing "dark" hide and seek with my brother when he was about four and when he'd hear I was coming, he'd start crying. Hahaha.


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