August 17, 2012

TILTW: 8.11-8.17

* I can no longer eat these damn things:

* Forward Facing Lovie is so much easier than having her Rear Facing. I still feel that she'd be safer if she was rear facing and in the center, but she's getting so big and it was becoming really hard to communicate with her. I don't feel these are good reasons to forward face a one year old, but she's making her way toward three and is pretty big for her age.

* I enjoy having a clean car (after Taye moved the seat, I went and vacuumed the hell out of it).

* Lovie isn't ready to potty train quite yet. We tried last Friday - the whole day - but it was a big fat fail. I was super proud of my Lovebug; she did an amazing job of being super excited and compliant with going to the potty (hate that word) every 20 minutes. But she just doesn't care if she pees herself and won't release on the toilet. I'm not worried or anything; I think we'll give it another go Labor Day weekend.

* I really do believe Two and a Half is the bomb diggity. At least with my 2.5 year old. Her communication skills are incredible (they have been for a year now but hot damn it doesn't slow down!) and she's just a damn joy to be around. That said, the INSTANTANEOUS FREAKOUTS over who knows what are kinda nuts. Love it all, though!! :)

* I've come to terms with being "OK" if I were to get pregnant again. We're team One and Done all the way, but if it were to happen, I'm finally at a place where I'd be OK with it. Up till now, I was absolutely terrified of getting pregnant again.

* I fucking LOVE my new header... oh, and, while on the topic of the blog, I need only ONE more follower to hit 200. Who will it be??


  1. I was so relieved with both of my boys when they went forward-facing. They both hated the car until that point, and now they are super travelers.

    We are at the same point with toilet-training. We're trying, but he pees himself every 20-30 minutes, doesn't care, and rarely releases in the toilet. We just think it's not the right time, yet. Alas, his teachers at his Montessori school want us to keep on. It can take months, they said. Um, months of peeing on our carpet? No, thanks. When he's older, it will take days.

    I love this crazy communication explosion, too! I do NOT love the crazy meltdowns, but fortunately with my second guy, they don't last as long.

    I'm your 200th follower! I'm so sad I can't do Google Friend Connect on my own site anymore, but glad I can still follow along with you. : )

    1. i'm lucky cuz her school is on board with whatever i want to do re: PT. so they take her often b/c she says she wants to go (but has yet to actually release even one time there). they're not pushing me in one way or the other, fortunately.

      thank you for being my 200th!!! :) :) :)

  2. I can't eat fruit with pits anymore. Ever since I had M, I've been allergic. My mom told me the same thing happened to her after she had me. I have to microwave the fruit if I want to eat it. :(

    I totally hear you on the great age! M is 3.5 now and I LOVE it. I can actually do stuff I like with her. Yesterday, we went hiking for the first time. So cool.

    Also, not sure if you're interested, but I'm giving away a raggedy ann doll on my blog this week!

  3. I enjoyed your thoughts on your daughters growing uo, verbal acuity and just enjoying her. I had a house full of kids, they were all different, had their own time to do things-from the dreaded potty training to much more important issues down the road. You are right, the time will come, and when its right it wont be that hard, no need for rush and stress, I love how you appreciate and adore the steps in your childs growing. Since I already follow you, I can't be #200-I dont thing I have 100 yet, but Im sure you 200 will come soon. It seems like the blog popularity has been a joy and a bruden. Im spending way too much time on it and it is affecting my time to even be creative, its addictive, I enjoy it, but I must learn "how much is too much" Keep on with your enjoyable, mostly lighthearted blog, I enjoy it. best wishes, beebeesworld

  4. Whoa, I've never heard you express anything other than horror at the idea of getting pregnant again. Making your way to the dark side maybe???
    I'm finding 2.5 to be a strange mix of wonderful, adorable and maddening. Somedays, I'm wondering if I will die from the cuteness and other days just chanting "serenity now, serenity now!"

  5. What's wrong with the almonds? I always see those and the pecan pie ones at the store and they look SO good!


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