August 27, 2012

Welcome to the Future

In case I forget...10 signs it's Two Thousand Twelve:
* Mr. Rogers is dead and Dora won’t shut the fuck up.
* Neil Armstrong is in the news… because he passed away. L

* Smart phone: I’m in instant contact with anyone via phone, text, email, social media; I can look anything up via google; I can order anything via Amazon, etc... All without moving more than my finger and hand.
* A new car costs more than a new house did when I was born.

* I have friends. (Thanks be to the internet.)

* I’m married and have a kid.
* 21 Jump Street is (was) a movie on the big screens.

* I have a mortgage.

* Lovie can watch whatever show she wants when she wants, and can be heard saying things like “no I don’t want you to pause it” and be referring to live TV.




  1. Oh, I love love love the first one. So funny! And pausing live TV is still amazing to me...

  2. BwaHa! That first one had me rolling too! :D

    I just recently had my hair darkened a bit after keeping it really light for years and yesterday I noticed that my roots are growing out gray! You couldn't really see it when it was blonder. Freaked me out!

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAA! Your list is on point!

  4. OMG! Your Mr. Rogers and Dora comment made me spit my coffee out and down my shirt! Hysterical. Great list!

  5. while we are talking about technology, I say we take up a collection and buy Dora a GPS already.
    Also, I do have PVR (that's recordable TV thingamabob here in Canada), so I can record, pause, and rewind. Yeah....I am with the times afterall!

  6. SMART Phones have totally ruined my exercise plan. I used to have to at least walk to my computer to surf the internet for hours. Now I just have to reach into my purse.

  7. Backpack Backpack....UGH That is going to be stuck in my head all night! GRRRRRRR

  8. Oh man, where do I begin? I hate Dora too... it is not allowed in our house. And Babygirl knows her technology too. She's used to our On Demand services from our cable company. My parents watched her one day and she asked for Super Why. My parents said they didn't have it (they only recorded Bubble Guppies) and Babygirl said "It's On Demand, Grandma" Only 2-year-olds in 2012 know that!!!! lol

  9. Love them all, specially #1. You can pause live tv?

  10. OMG Mr Rogers, I loved him when I was a kid! (And both Dora AND Diego annoy me)
    Also, Johnny Depp in 21 jump street... I had completely forgotten!

  11. PVR's... Best. Invention EVER!!!!!

  12. Being able to pause live TV is probably the best innovation of our time.


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