August 2, 2012

Princess Cow Girl

Last night as Lovie and I played Grocery Store in her room for a few minutes before bed, I asked her what her favorite thing about Summer has been so far.

"Mmmm," she hummed, playing with her cash register. "Cawh Ga."

"What's your favorite thing about summer?" I asked again, not certain what the heck she was saying.

"Mmmm," she puts her finger to mouth to indicate she's thinking. "Cawh Ga!"

"Your favorite thing about summer is 'cawh ga''?"

"Nooo... Cawh. Gurl."

"Oh, COW GIRL?!"

"Yesss." Giggles.

"Your favorite thing about summer is Cow Girl?"

"Yes, cow girl. I wish I could ride a horse."


Then it dawned on me that I've been asking her a lot lately what she wanted to be for Halloween and proving her Two-and-a-half-ness, she answered my question about Summer as if I was asking about Halloween. I guess!

"You want to be a Cow Girl for Halloween?"

"Uh huh," she says smiling super big. "And I wish I could ride a horse!"

"Hm, well okay. But what about Summer? What's something that we've done that you really like? You know, like how we went to the zoo and saw the dolphins..."

"Oh dolphins! They dance and jump to the orange ball!"

"Yes, or how we went to the beach. Did you like going to the beach?"

"I like the beach and the sand with Mama and Daddy."

"So what was your favorite?"

"Mmmm..." finger goes up to her mouth. "I wish I could be a princess."

And that was the end of the conversation about Summer and cow girls and princesses.

So... I will take it upon myself to answer the question for her since she's my kid and I know what really was her favorite thing (so far) about this hellaciously hot summer: The Dolphin Show at the zoo.

And how do I know this was her favorite thing about the summer since she insisted it was being a Cow Girl? Because of this face:

That face is what transpired as we sat in the steaming hot arena waiting for the show to officially start... as she pointed to the dolphins that were right there in front of her...swimming, dancing, jumping.

Plus, she does talk about the dolphins swimming and dancing and jumping for the orange ball on occasion, too.

So that's what Lovie's favorite thing about this Summer has been.

And now, I guess I need to start looking for a Princessy Cow Girl costume for Halloween.


  1. I'm not sure a more beautiful face exists. Love seeing her so happy!!

  2. Such a gloriously radiant face! She practically glows with joy. Is there anything more precious than that?

  3. awwwww Lovie's cuteness will get her anything... especially from her Mom ;)


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