August 8, 2012

Photos of heaven on earth.

Back from my trip.

A most amazing time was had... more so than I ever imagined was possible.

Flight coming home was cancelled so I didn't get home until yesterday afternoon opposed to Monday so I'm nowhere near non-vacation mode, yet. (In fact, all photos are from my cell phone as the ones on my regular camera have yet to be downloaded.)

i may or may not have gotten a wee bit too much sun on my nose and chin

But I'm home and so incredibly happy to be back with my Lovie (though would be more than happy to return back to Heaven on Earth in a heartbeat!).


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Beautiful little girl!beebeesworld

  2. I am SO glad you had a great time on your trip! All those worries, while I know exactly where you were coming from, al just melt away!?!

  3. Sure looks like heaven! - Also the last pic :-)

  4. Great that you went and so glad you had such an amazing time!

  5. Looks amazing. Glad you had a nice break!


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