August 31, 2012

TILTW: 2 week edition

Last week I skipped out on TILTW so I'll combine the two... not that there's a heck of a whole lot going on or anything. Let's get on with it.

* We turned Lovie forward facing a couple weeks back and it's been really awesome. She talks non-stop (nothing new), she sings at the top of her lungs (so damn cute), it's so much easier getting her in and out of the car...

* Got an awesome shade for her window. We've gone this long without- can you believe it?  But there's been times when the sun just lays on her so I had to do something. This shade kicks ALL sorts of ass.

* Along with the shade, we ordered a water faucet extender thingie that also kicks so much ass. Lovie adores washing her hands and brushing her teeth now because she can "DO IT ALL BY MYSELF!"

* Brushing teeth has finally become just a normal thing to do. I used to have to lay her down on the floor and brush her teeth for her but now we just brush our teeth together. It's freaking adorable. I ask her to HELP ME and get my tooth brush and toothpaste and she enthusiastically does, then brushes alongside me. Someday she may even learn how to spit! ;)

* This little chica adores doing things on her own. She helps get the milk out, she takes off her clothes and puts them in the hamper, she puts her shoes away, she helps dust, she helps with laundry, etc, etc. I can't wait till she does dishes and her own laundry!! ;)

* I need to stop saying "Okay?" when I need her to do something. YES: It's time to get going now; say good-bye to Daddy. NO: It's time to go, Okay? Give dad a hug and kiss, Okay?

* I still abhor hot weather.

* I cannot freaking BELIEVE tomorrow is SEPTEMBER!


  1. I hear you on ending all sentences with "OKAY?". I realized recently that I do this to make sure she heard me and not to get her permission. I do it all the time and it's got to stop.

    1. yup, i was saying it for the same reason (generally) and since really trying to be more conscience of it and avoiding ASKING, i do notice she seems to listen better!


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