August 28, 2012

Tales of the Spoiled one.

Lovie was never the snuggling type of baby. I mean, she loved being held when she was itty bitty but once she got a taste of rolling around at about 3 months old, she seemed to always be super content doing her own thing.

Sitting by herself at 5 months was the bee's knees of course... until she started crawling just before 7 months. Then she never sat still and rarely sought comfort in a lap or someone's arms.

It wasn't till she was about 13 months old- after walking for several months- when Lovie finally started to slow down a little bit. All of a sudden she seemed to love to snuggle- especially when she was tired or sick.

I ate it up.

I still eat it up today even though she's inching her way toward THREE (just four months and one day, people!).

Every single time we're together, she finds her way on top of me.

Even if Taye and I are home at the same time and sitting on the couch or if we have guests, mine is the lap she always chooses.
She jumps on me, she lays on me, she sits on top of me, she sits right next to me, she slides down my legs, she wraps her arms around me, she looks me in the eyes when she tells me something, she smiles at me, she laughs with me...
"Sometimes I wonder if she's too attached," I tell my husband.
"She loves you," he answers, looking down at his cell phone.
"Well, yeah, I know that and I'm really not complaining."  And I'm not. Really, I'm not.
She doesn't freak out (much and/or usually) when I leave her at school. She leaps into my arms most days when I pick her up. She just really seems to like to be around me as much as I love to be around her.

And I'm so damn grateful for that.
But then my dad will tell me that I'm spoiling her, that I give her too much attention. And I think about nephews and nieces and how they were raised. I think about the fact that I have no real concrete memories of being a kid before my parents' split.
And I realize that if snuggling with my child, if listening to my child, if conversing and laughing with my child, if guiding and nurturing my child, if feeding and bathing my child is spoiling, then hot damn is it gonna get stinky up in this joint.



  1. Very sweet, I love your last line! My youngest is 8 and the day is soon coming where I won't get anymore snuggles. I am NOT looking forward to that....

  2. :) That's got to be the best feeling! I keep hoping this happens more when he gets a little older. Love my snuggles!

  3. Snuggles are great! I firmly believe there is no such thing as cuddling a kid too much. Too many toys or treats on demand might spoil a kid, not too many hugs!

  4. The comment about she started snuggling when she was sick. My daughter was such a live wire. I remember having the same thoughts. It was so nice to cuddle when she was slowed down by illness. That sounds horrible.

    1. You're not alone, Jamie! I felt that way just this week with her fever (which is super rare with her) - "thank goodness she's a little slower." It's natural with a busy kid. :)

      And good on you, Christina, for ignoring your dad. You can never give a kid too many hugs. I loved the line about it getting "stinky"!

  5. So sweet. I join you in a vote for a spoiled, happy childhood!

  6. That has to be the best feeling for being a mom, Christina! I have a pet dog and it feels good when she's too attached. I think it's strengthening the mother-child bond rather than spoiling the child :) How blessed you both are to have Lovie!

  7. As a mom of two teenagers, I miss those days! Enjoy them! And I don't think it's spoiling unless she is showing really bad behavior when you can't have her cuddling with you.

  8. Doesn't sound spoiled to me, that just sounds like she's well bonded to you :)


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