August 1, 2011

10 times I LOL'd (for real)

10 times i laughed out loud:

1. my Lovie is always doing something that makes me laugh out loud. i think the latest would be the way she opens her mouth open when she's getting splashed with water. :)

2. or the way she used to jump (she doesn't really even try jumping much these days for some reason)

3. or the way she dances

4. or the way she sings

5. my husband. he's always saying something in a manner that makes me bust a gut. we could be watching a kid-friendly show and he'll sing along in a very inappropriate way and it gets me every time. cuz i'm twelve like that.

6. when i think about how my oldest nephew did an un-rehearsed, un-planned lip synching routine to the Black Eyed Peas, My Humps (My Humps, My Lovely Lady Lumps ...Check it out!) during my wedding reception.

7. several scenes in one of my all-time favorite movies, Life is Beautiful, where the dad was translating horrific details given by Nazi soldiers into Italian game play details so that his young son (Joshua!) kept believing the horrific life they were living was just a big game.

but holy crap did i cry in this movie. i still weep today when i think about it.

8. completely random shit... like that time i saw Jesse Jackson watching me.

9. this movie. any and every time i watch it.

10. Modern Family. the funniest show on free tv.


  1. Your little girl is a doll. That jumping thing takes practice, ya know?

  2. I love this post and may have to steal it immediately.

    Pie used to jump like that too! Just forcefully standing up...always made me laugh. Now she gets both feet up and she's always so proud of herself.

    And I LOVE Modern Family. Best show!

  3. Your little angel is adorable and fun. OK, this is super bizzare: I was going to include Roberto Benigni, a clip from Modern family whit the car( what's the plan Phil?!) and Pulp fiction in my post. You must see Night on earth, Rome portion of the movie for Roberto Benigni at his best. I chickened out posting it but it is hilarious!! let me know.

  4. thanks guys.
    and Stasha, i'll have to check ou that Night on Earth for sure. i love Roberto Benigni! :)

  5. Your little girl makes me laugh too! Pulp Fiction is one of my favourites ;)

  6. Great LOL list! Love Modern how your girl sings and dances. :)

  7. She is so cute! I can almost hear her laughing. I am so glad to have found your blog from The Good Life! I'm off to read more of your posts :)

  8. What a great post. Ialso find myself laughing so many times daily from Jack. They do so many cute things!


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