August 8, 2011

it's a weekendicle listicle

10 things from this past weekend...

1. met a friend for breakfast (CRISPY PANCAKES!) Saturday morning
2. went shopping for a couch (haven't made the big purchase yet)
3. came home and napped
4. ordered Chinese food for dinner
5. good morning, Sunday!
6. playing blocks
7. more play
8. nap time
9. read The Wiggles Christmas sixteen hundred times
10. notice that my sweet baby doll is now a sweet little girl

my Monday Listicle doesn't match up with the request of it being all about food- and I'm all about food normally so this saddens me. :(


  1. Oh that nap photo is too precious! So snuggly cute :) I feel for you reading The Wiggles Christmas story over and over and over. Yikes! I'd need a glass of wine to make it through it more than twice!

  2. She's beautiful!

    I missed the Wiggles phase, but I can sympathize. I had to live with Barney! UGH!

  3. Whenever I visit your blog I love family life just that little bit more. This is such a happy place.

  4. Those Wiggles! They make frequent visits in our home too. (I don't think I could shower or make dinner without them or the Fresh Beat Band!)

  5. thanks guys!
    Jackie, don't even get me started on the Fresh Beat Band! :)

  6. I loved the breakfast thing - I hope you manange to go solo.

    A nap is always in my list. There is always room to re-charge.

  7. Mmmm, Chinese food sounds awesome right now! We read Christmas books in the summer too ;)

  8. Yes , your little one's a little girly doll! Crispy pancake sounds YUM!

  9. So cute the way you did your pictures. Your little girl is adorable. I wish I could have nap time like that everyday! Buy the couch in the it!

  10. Great post idea! I, however, would never be tech savvy enough to make that cool picture collage to correspond with the ten terrific things you did during the weekend.

  11. I hate to admit it, but I am so jealousof little kids and their ability to sleep in a warm,completely relazed lump on top of another person. As a giant man, I might actually kill someone if I had that ability, so rationally I get it, but still, wouldn't it be awesome?

    Nice post--I especially like the collage/legend approach.

  12. Hey don't diss this list - now that is some good me-time (the nap and ordering Chinese). And good me-time = good parenting, I always say. Great list!

  13. Oh that smile at No. 10 just makes me melt.


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