August 4, 2011

is this what it's like not to work full time?!?

The building I work in lost power very early yesterday. Some areas still had working computers and phones, but, for the most part, the building was out of power. Including the air conditioning. My work station was one of the ones with power, thankfully. Still, they released us at noon. Woo-hoo! I wanted to rush to Lovie's school and scoop her up and play with her but I knew that it was nap time there, so I opted to do some running around instead.

One of the first stops included a resale thrift shop that donates all money from donated sales to a women's shelter. I picked up the perfect little "book shelf" to go in Lovie's playroom.

It's actually an old record holder. It's not in mint condition or anything but it's really rather perfect. Especially for a playroom. It's got those slats in it that would hold old records and holds up her books perfectly. Plus she can park her non-pink school bus or whatever else she wants underneath and use the top of it as a table top.

It was marked at $20 but they were offering 40% off all furniture bought and removed yesterday so I ended up walking out with it, a little Kai-Lan purse (see below), and three books for Lovie for a whopping $16 and some change.

close up of new purchase

world's largest bean bag chair (to me, at least). it's sooo comfy, too.

looking into playroom from living room. the chandelier makes the room, no?

yellow bucket o' toys

red bucket o' toys, riding toy, FP L&L House

After the resale shop, I had to pee. Badly. So I stopped at Starbucks for a pee break and a Frappuccino break. Mmmm icey goodness. With my frap in hand I headed over to Marshalls for shits and giggles and ended up coming home with these (for Lovie, of course):
actually a much darker plum like in below pic

that's brown detail- comes with brown leggings

this is cuter in person- the pockets make this dress

Why on earth do I not shop at Marshall's more often? How can you beat those prices?!? Oh I remember why I don't shop there too much: I work full time, I hate people and dealing with crowds, and I'm infatuated with online shopping, that's why.
this is that purse Kai-Lan purse i got from the resale shop. blogger hates me so i couldn't put it up at the top. blogger also ate a cute pic i had of Lovie reading one of the books (WIGGLES!) i got from the resale shop. she made me read that book to her (A Wiggles CHRISTMAS for crying out loud) about 10 times.

I'm at work right now as I type this up. And the power is still out. Mofo's didn't leave a message in time to let us know not to come in. Argh. I think I've lost 5 pounds since I got here it's so dang hard-to-breathe hot in here.

What can you do? I'm here so I'll blog and get some work done and take off when Lovie's eating lunch at school so that I can get there before she naps. That way she can nap at home and we can do our own thing for the afternoon.

Hell, maybe I'll make a real meal tonight or something?!  Man, a girl could get used to this part time schedule...


  1. Part time work sounds heavenly, doesn't it? The perfect balance I dream of...

  2. woo hooooo take advantage of that shit, woman!!

  3. Cute clothes and awesome playroom! Hope the power comes back soon at work...or maybe not ;)


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