August 31, 2011


(today is the first day in about four that i feel sort of normal- please, please, please, let this be an all day thing!)

Monday, a certain little someone turned 20 months old.
this pic is from when she was still 19 months old. for shame, mama!

I know, right? When did this happen?!?

So now I need to start cracking on what to do for her birthday, which will be small and family-oriented as opposed to the huge pizza party we did last year for 50 family members! But I still want to do something cool for my Lovie. I want her to wake up that morning and know that that day is the most wonderful day in the world for her and for us.

I started collecting some ideas on Pinterest that you can see by clicking HERE. (if you want to start Pinning yourself and need an invite, feel free to comment or email me your email addy)

At first I thought I'd just go simple again like last year and just do balloons... but because this will be a smaller venue (our home), I thought why not do more?!?

So in addition to waking up with a room full of balloons (really, how freaking neat would that be?!?), I figured I'd do more.

Then I thought about what things could match balloons and really, anything can. Fortunately most kid- things involve bright colors and so then I found some cute Yo Gabba Gabba ideas(OK so my pins aren't organized all that great.)

via google images
no, the red thing is not a dildo.
this show... is crazy. at first i was kind of dumbfounded as i watched the dildo dance around but then when i started paying attention, i grew to really really like it! it's really a great show that actually tries teaches kids! really.

The thing is, Lovie LOVES YGG, she really does. Almost as much as the Wiggles, I think... but I think her absolute favorite - even beyond the Wiggles (dare I say it out loud) is

via google images
i've always been a fan of this show since day one.
it's super cute and really tries to teach the kids about math (which i hate and suck at).


So now I'm trying to find some inexpensive ways to incorporate some Milly, Geo and Bot into the mix (she especially loves Bot).

I've never been a "theme" person outside of "birthday" but I think that's cuz I didn't really get any birthday parties as a kid (I'm the youngest of three) and I'm not a big fan of Disney stuff (yet, I'm sure). I mean, sure, we had cake with family but that was really the extent. And that's fine and pretty much what we're doing this year- but I still want the decor to be special and over the top for her. No, she probably won't remember, but there will be pictures for her to look back on one day.

So my conundrum: What do I do for her birthday? A shitton of balloons or should I add some YGG or TU in the mix, too?

Ack, decisions!!

Feel free to vote in the comments or in the poll over there on the right side of the screen.


  1. I think you should do the balloons, and get a cake with one of her characters on it (or a cupcake cake, like I'm doing) and get the plates/cups/napkins with the other characters.

    PJ had a Shrek Cake, but Toy Story decorations. :)

  2. Just here to help... FREE printables!

  3. I voted balloons and then had to go back to work before I could comment.

    If you do go with balloons think about getting a book called Emily's Balloon. I ordered from Amazon and it's been Ada's consistent favorite. Beautiful, simple artwork and a story perfectly told from a child's perspective.


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