August 22, 2011

It's-icle another Listicle

10 things Yin Yang:

Me and the Hubs.
White meets black. Woman meets man. Worry wart with no patience meets calm, cool, and collected. Together we’ve made the most beautiful baby. Ever.

Peanut butter and chocolate.
Salty creamy goodness meets smooth sweet sensations. One of the most perfect combinations ever.

Oma and Ota.
Sweet and adorable meets strict and unforgiving. But their story is one made of true hope, dreams, determination, love…

Doritos and Pepsi.
Salty crunch meets sweet cool bubbles. It was a must have combo when I was like 12. (today I much prefer Coke over Pepsi, but generally just drink water.)

Chips and a Ham/Turkey Sandwich.
Salty crunch meets soft bread and slime-y meat and cheese. You gotta have some crunch when eating a ham (or turkey, etc) sandwich!

Fries and a Burger.
Salty fluffy potatoes meet a thick and juicy burger. Another phenomenal combo.

Summer and Watermelon.
Hot meets cold.

Winter and Hot Chocolate.
Cold meets Hot.

Hot dog and Mustard only (NO KETCHUP!).
Beefy meets tangy sour. The only way a dog can be eaten.

Recording Video and Driving a Manual car (stick shift).
Task requiring a steady hand meets task requiring movement (during rush hour, especially). Together, a sweet little video that should be watched with your eyes closed and your ears wide open.

Mondays have become one of my favorite days in Bloggersville thanks to Monday Listicles. So much fun to do, so much fun to see what others come up with. If you haven't participated, you should give it a whirl. Really.


  1. Good list! I'm particularly attracted to your food combos!

  2. Amazing how many yin Yangs there are in food ha? My list would contain many more foods if I let husband chose more.
    You two and you grandparents! Love it. And this video, melting everyone's heart, she sounds so sweet. You two yin Yangs sure made the cutest baby!

  3. What an awesome take on Yin Yang! I love sweet and salty, and I definitely agree with you on the NO Ketchup rule :) I love this list!

  4. Ooh, I love your list!!! Except I like ketchup on my hot dogs ;) And now I'm hungry....

  5. This is my favorite post out of the batch of them this week. Why? Because of the sound of your little one singing. So sweet.
    Also, my hat's off to you - these were fab Yin Yangs. I had a hard time coming up with mine and yours was simple, and great. What a perfect idea of Yin Yang - you and your husband, w. your little singer making it complete. (-:

  6. That was a cute rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! And that was a dangerous thing for mummy to do, recording while driving.
    Great combos - very Yin Yang indeed!

  7. I totally think there is something fabulous about all the food yin yang- I commented a bit about those too. I love your #1. Hit the topic on the head with that one.

  8. All excellent things for sure.


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