August 12, 2011

Friday Funnies

I so badly wanted to do The Red Dress Club's writing prompt this week, again, but I just don't have it in me. Argh. I'm so sad about this but there's stuff going on personally that has my mind in a place other than fun, creative fiction (or even gloomy non-fiction).

So instead I'm sharing a couple funnies about my kid and the fact that at 19 months old, she's boy crazy.


OMG what are we gonna do in 11 years?!?

Case in point #1:

The other week I found an old Wiggles Christmas hard cover book at a resale shop for a whopping 50 cents. Since then, I've read it make 1600 times. Well, she's become enamored by Captain Feathersword for some reason. I mean, she's always loved the Wiggles, but since reading this book, she's all about the Captain.

So much so that now she kisses his picture whenever we read the book (which has been hidden for a couple days for my sanity's sake).


Case in point #2:

One of her teachers at school (daycare center referred to as school since it's very much a school environment) is a guy by the name of Kyle.

And since she's become an actual human parrot lately, when we talk about school and her friends and teachers there, she's constantly talking about Kyle. Non stop Kyle. And then a big smile and a giggle.






Really?! Already?!?? OMG what are we gonna do in 11 years?!?


  1. Dude. The captain is hot. I mean, just look at him!

    Hope your mind settles soon.

  2. That was funny! Thanks for the giggles!


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