August 5, 2011

How we became Wiggles fans

(If you're here for TRDC post for this Friday, it's a Writer's Choice/oldie.)

The hubs and I were married smack dab in the middle of 2007. In January of 2008 we started our journey to procreate a little mini-us. In February of 2009, after having been pregnant and suffering a loss and still trying to get our mini-us, this video blew up in youtube and my husband couldn't resist sharing it with me:

Fast forward one year, I was sitting at home with our mini-us in my arms. Finally. She was everything (and WAY more) I ever dreamed she'd be. And she was in my arms and one day she would be walking and talking and driving and dating and... I would spend many hours staring at my baby doll, thinking about our future... her future. And for some reason, that video of the talking baby came to mind and I decided to do a "Hot Potato" (since the man in the video sings Hot Potato to the baby at one point) search in youtube and discovered this video:

At first, I just sat there with this WTF expression in my head and on my face (I'm sure) with my Lovie in my arms. I told the hubs, who sat at his computer (yeah we're a two computer household thanks to my hubs being a geek like that), to take a look at Hot Potato. And the next thing you know, we were looking at other Wiggles videos.

And somehow that all migrated into a regular rotation of Wiggles videos being watched on youtube with Lovie in my arms. Like 10 minutes every other day or so till one day, Lovie started to seem actually interested in the videos. Then more videos hit the rotation. And since Lovie always seemed interested and didn't complain, I'd let her watch whenever I thought to do so or when we had time (mainly on weekends).

Then when Lovie was around 13 months old, she said "Pop Pop" to me and started to ask for "Pop Pop" every day when we got home from school.

Then Lovie started to dance in my lap with a big grin on her face, clapping at the end of the videos and singing/humming along. That's when I knew we had turned her into a true Wiggles fan.

So when The Wiggles decided to tour to celebrate their 20th year of being The Wiggles, I had to get tickets. I had to.

And that's where we went a week ago tomorrow: to the Wiggles show!!

Though I was crazy enough to want to take my barely 19 month old to a show like this, I wasn't crazy enough to fork over nearly $175 for three tickets to sit on the main floor! Instead, I got the cheap balcony seats for $100 less.

Stupidly, we brought a small shitty camera with us instead of the better one so our pics - something they actually encouraged us to take plenty of - didn't turn out so great.

It was a fun time. Lovie did great and the show itself wasn't so bad (I found myself laughing at times as well as singing along and dancing in my seat!). Fortunately it lasted only about an hour and twenty minutes or so. Any longer and I probably would've started to get antsy.

There you have it- how we became Wiggles fans. : )

(If you're here for TRDC post for this Friday, it's a Writer's Choice/oldie.)


  1. I have to admit that was the first time I ever saw a Wiggles video. Probably won't play it at home for fear of it becoming a requirement - Sesame Street and the Backyardigans are all I can handle for now!

  2. Oh, the things we will do for our children!

  3. Wiggles are new to me. Like Sara, I will watch after Ada's bedtime for a while longer. My hands are full with Dora and Elmo!

    Oh, we considered taking Ada to a live Elmo show but the tickets were nearly $60 each! Goodness!

  4. My little never got into Wiggles however I love them from working in a Daycare while in college. Glad you guys enjoyed the show. Ticket prices are ridiculous nowadays, right?


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