July 8, 2011


For this week, take what you know out of your comfort zone... And here's the result:

Here comes Mama and she looks so pretty and she’s so happy and she’s gonna give me lots of kisses and hugs, I bet. And the Kitty. There’s the Kitty. Look at the Kitty- so soft and hairy and funny looking and the noises it makes is pretty funny, too. It’s funny when Mama makes the noises like the Kitty, too. Oh Kitty, be nice to the other Kitty. Niiiice. Niiiiiice, Kitty and Kitty. Oh Mama’s lifting me up into the air. Weeee!! I see a cute baby in the mirror. Baby! Baby!! There’s Kitty again. And there’s Mr. Bear, too. And now Mama is kissing me a bunch of times and some more and now I’m laying next to the window and I like kicking the wooden blinds and feeling them on my feet. And toes. Toes. I have toes. Shoes. I like wearing shoes. Shoes. Shoes. And Socks.

Oh Mama!! She’s blowing on my tummy and making loud noises while blowing on my tummy. I have a head and a nose and ears and toes and feet. Shoes go on my feet. I love shoes. Me Me Me shoes and Mama shoes and Dada’s shoes.

Dada. Where’s Dada? Dada? Dada?

“We just gotta get you dressed and then we’re gonna go see Dada,” Mama tells me. She’s so smart. And pretty. Oh Mama. Puppy.

Puppy. Where’s Puppy? Puppy! Puppy. Puppy?!

“We’ll bring your Puppy when we go see Dada, don’t worry,” says Mama. Oh Mama. She looks at me so much and smiles and laughs so much and she talks to me all the time. 

And now Mama is carrying me on her hip. Kitty! Kitty Niiiiice Kitty! 

Dada!! There’s Dada in bed by the tv. Dada’s so fun and makes loud noises when I watch the Fresh Beat Band… La! La, La La, La La!!

“It’s time to go now,” Mama tells me when they’re done singing on TV. “Say bye bye to Daddy.”

Dada. Die Die Dada.

She picks me up and kisses me and carries me to the door and lets me turn off the light.

“Blow kisses to Daddy!” she says. “We love you!”

Dada is in bed waving Die Die. Die Die Dada. 

“Bye Bye,” Dada says, waving. “I love you!!”


  1. this was so cute, loved the concept of the little one writing this!

  2. I've always wondered what the babies might be thinking! What you wrote is so believable. The repetition, the simplicity. It's a great piece!

    I never would have thought to do this kind of perspective piece. I really enjoyed it!

  3. Oh sweet babies! we should all see so much goodness and happiness at whatever it is we look at! :)

  4. I love shoooooes! Wonderfully written from the babe's perspective. Simple but so full of excitement and interest ;)

  5. What a unique take on the prompt! I loved this perspective and the great way you presented it. I could totally see my 2 year old nephew thinking some of those exact same things. "Die Die Dada!" Ha, love it!

  6. Mama's so pretty... and funny... they really do think so. We should see the world through a child's eyes more often.

  7. This was so cute! I love the simple, sweet thoughts of the baby!

  8. This was perfect!! I love how you did it from her perspective. SO SWEET :)

  9. I think you captured the stream of consciousness aspect of a child's thoughts perfectly. They zip along from one thought to the next to immediately I'm always wondering "where'd that come from?"

  10. Okay, so is the Dada in a hospital bed? That was sort of the impression that I got, that there was a visit to the hospital.

    Very cute to try for the perspective of the baby. Great job!

  11. i could see why you thought that, NJAMB, but no, Dada's asleep in bed and Mama's bringing baby in to see Dada before they leave for the day.


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