July 29, 2011

pushing 2

Today marks 19 months of absolute bliss. Okay, not all the hours within those 19 months were bliss, but for the most part, yes, bliss. Because of her, my sweet Lovie.
ha, please excuse my mom's super creepy looking demeanor in this shot!

So we're officially closer to 2 now! When did all that take place?!

Yesterday when I got to Lovie's school to pick her up and was signing her out, I could hear a Kidz Bop version (why?!) of Adele's Rolling in the Deep coming from her classroom. I looked over (through the glass windows) to see about 10 little tots gathered together in one area getting their groove on. A smile invaded my face from ear to ear. I have never seen something so insanely cute. And there, in the middle, was my big brown eyed beauty with a big smile on her face, arms up in the air, knees bouncing, giggles erupting from her belly.

If only I had a video camera! It was priceless. PRICELESS. I stood there and watched all these littles dancing and jumping up and down and laughing and... THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE!! THIS IS LIFE. THIS IS LIVING LIFE!

When we got home, an hour later, I discovered that the land line phone, internet, and cable were all out. What now? I started to panic.

I called the H to freak the fuck out on him to let him know and hung up on him as Lovie started fussing.

An hour before, I was watching her dance and smile and having the time of her life; certainly we could survive one night without TV (why last night when I'm in the throws of big time needing the gates to open and Aunt Flo to finally come already, I don't know!!!!).

We went in her play room and she instantly got some books. "Read?" she said, climbing on top of me as I sat in the hugest bean bag chair ever known to (this wo)man.

Then I emptied her shape sorter and she filled it back up (not through the shapes), emptied it, filled it back up for about 10 minutes. Then she wanted to color so off we went to her room and we colored for about 20 minutes. (Is it normal for kids this little to purposely color over whatever someone else colors?! She does this all the time and it's kinda mean!)

"Eat?" she finally said, pulling my fingers to get me to stand and follow her into the kitchen where she devoured 7 meatballs (SEVEN MEATBALLS?!!!), frozen peas, frozen grapes, and water.

We went back to coloring and then she lost her marbles because she wanted her binky and she's only allowed her binky at nap and bedtime and we still had an hour to go. So I tried distracting her but she wasn't having any of it. So away went he crayons and I walked out of her room to get her away from the crib and the sight of the damn binky. She still was binkyless and pissed.

I sat down and tried playing with her duplos with her and she didn't want any part of it, she wanted her binky damnit!

Finally after about 10 minutes of crying, I just got up and walked away from her because I didn't want to lose MY shit, you know?  Still binkyless, still crying, she followed me (which kills me because aside from wanting her binky, she also just wants to be around her Mama). We ended in my bedroom and read some books that were in there.

It was really nice. We laid on the bed like we would if we were watching TV on a Saturday morning, but instead we looked at her books and pointed out different things and she repeated everything and giggled like a little fool at the noises I made for some of the animals.

Finally, Dada came home with three DVD's: Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, and ... TEAM UMIZOOMI!!

Lovie was in heaven!

She sat there for a good 10 minutes looking at the covers and giggling and talking to the characters and singing the songs (What's gonna work? Team - Work!). Really! 10 minutes. Finally she started saying, "Read? Read? Pity pees, read?" as she tried "opening" her new "books."


I told her they weren't books and told her to follow me and we ended up in the living room. I popped in the Team Umi video and we watched an episode. The whole time Lovie was on her feet, dancing to the songs, and just smiling.

Then it was bath time, followed by bedtime.

One small binky meltdown and a near-panic attack (me) aside, it was a great end to a great 18 months!

And tomorrow... we're off to see THE WIGGLES live!

(BTW, I'll have to do a whole other post on why and how we've become Wiggles fans, but, in a nutshell, it's because of this video my husband happened upon a couple years before Lovie ever existed.)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend to you!


  1. Happy Friday to you too!! I'd probably panic too without cable AND internet!

  2. So heart-warming! You are so privileged to be able to watch almost every passing moment with your Lovie. As I am with my kids as well! Don't we just have it good? ;) Happy weekend to you!

  3. Just wanted to tell you that I am so glad I started following your blog. You have an amazing voice.

  4. Aw cool, thanks Kerri! :)

    Mama, HMR, I actually work full-time, so don't see her all stinkin' day till I get her from daycare at 330- then we have like an hour drive home. boo. but it really makes me savor EVERY minute i do get. ;)

    Jen, yeah, it was a bit... much to deal with at first. ;D

  5. Oh that Lovie...just like Pie, she is a girl who knows her mind. Fiesty little things!


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