July 7, 2011


The Lovebug is feeling much better today, praise. She was gravy yesterday, too, but we stayed home just in case... well, and because I felt like my head was going to explode if I moved too quickly (pretty sure I have a fun, summertime sinus infection).

Yesterday when we were playing (she played, I laid) and reading books, we came across a new word that Lovie added to her growing by the millisecond vocab: Puppy.

One of the books talked about a Puppy and now instead of everything GgeeeGgeee for dogs, it's Puppy. I'm down with this because her old "word" for Doggie sounded so much like Kitty (just a bit harder sounding) that I had to always pay super attention at what she was calling what. So now, I'm all about Puppy. And Kitty. Two different sounding words. Hoorah.

This morning as we left the house and walked to the car, we passed the neighbor who had their dog out.

"Puppy," I said first before she started whining to see it, play with it, pet it, lay on it...  "Bye bye Puppy."

"Die die," Lovie said. (always makes me smile when she says Die Die so sweetly)

I should've counted because it was that insane but I'm still not feeling great feeling like utter shit so I needed to just focus on driving but I swear she must've said Puppy 350 times on our drive to school this morning.

And when I went to unstrap her, it turned into a whine: "Puuuuupppppppyyyyyyyyyyy. Puuuupppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhh."

As I was leaving her at school, the teacher, in an effort to distract her and unglue her from my chest, said, "C'mon wanna go color?!"

I can't wait to guess "Puppy!!" when she shows me her artwork later.

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  1. Awww. Don't you just love it when they learn new words? So cute! And I loved your little story above.

    I'm glad she is feeling better, and I hope you get to feeling better too so you can enjoy the weekend.


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