July 17, 2011

Black and White: Aw snap, Fast Food eating Toddler!

We had no plans on the fourth so we went to the park after picking up some (gasp) McDonald's. That's right.... I feed my kid fast food. And she eats it. Along with fresh vegetables, fresh lean meats, fresh fruits, etc. See my kid eats everything. Not just McDonald's, but also not just mac n cheese. Anyway, this was one of the few pictures taken that day where she didn't look absolutely miserable (she ended up with a 103 fever and vomitting {and no, it wasn't a result of the McDonald's} a couple hours after this picture was taken). I love the way her little lips are pursed together (confining a chicken nugget or fry)... and with the MickeyD's beside it almost makes me wanna caption this, Aw snap, a fast food eating toddler caught in the act! That poor child!!

The Paper Mama

My girl is currently napping. She woke this morning in time to watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba before enjoying some cheerios and blueberries. Then we played and kissed and tickled and giggled and colored and ate some cheese. Then we played and kissed and tickled and giggled and vacuumed and ate some honeydew mellon and tuna salad and peas. It's been a busy, stay-indoors-from-this-maddening-heat kind of day. And we like it that way: Lots of hugs and kisses; lots of mommy, daddy, and baby girl time.


  1. I love the hat and the raised eyebrow. She just gets cuter!

  2. Your baby girl is so adorable!! Sorry to hear that she was so sick though. Hope she's better now. :)

  3. Thanks Peeper.

    And Jenny, she's doing much better now! Thanks!

  4. So cute! And look at that hat, I wonder if I could get the boys to wear it..She willing eat salad and peas? wow!

  5. Hi Avi, thanks for stopping by. She's not really a fan of lettuce, but she does love peas- they're her favorite, I would say. Especially frozen. :)


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