May 1, 2012


"Mama we go to Walrusgeen? For milk? And medicine? And cheese chips?"

This is what I heard 512 times yesterday on our way to Walgreens for milk, my prescription (medicine), and some cheese puffs (cheese chips).

Every day when I pick her up from school, Lovie always asks to go somewhere: Mama, we go to da park? Mama, we go to Target? We go to da soccer game, Mama? (This one was a fun request to fill- girlfriend didn't even know what a soccer game was but insisted we go to one so as I drove home, I looked everywhere and prayed to see some kids playing soccer. Finally, near home, I saw some kids playing in a huge park. I went around the block to get back to the field...and they were playing softball. Argh. When we got home, she was pissed. I had to promise to show her a soccer game on the computer to hopefully appease her. Thank GOD for the internet!) We go buy lallow banas, Mama?

The girl loves her shopping, what can I say.

Yesterday I needed to stop for some milk and a prescription so when I confirmed that we'd be going to the store and she started yammering on about all this stuff (milk and lallow banas and carrots and yogurt...oh I want Dora yogurt, Mama!) we were allegedly going to go buy, I had to put the kibosh on her thinking and let her know we were only going to Walgreens. For milk, medicine, and maybe some cheese puffs.

"Oh," she hummed. "We go to wall-es, Mama?"

"Yeah, baby, we're going to Walgreens."

Back and forth over and over and over again for 45 minutes until we finally arrived.

At Walrusgeen. 


  1. The requests are endless, aren't they? And sometimes so off the wall! I love it that we get a little peek into their minds now that they have enough language to share!

    1. this morning as i was driving to school and she was tucked in the back seat... we had been on the road for about 10 minutes, neither of us talking. all of sudden she says, "Mama? I got 5 ducks." um, cool. ??? ;D

  2. haha! I love how you edited the signs!

    1. WALRUSGEEN. you'll have to share this story with your hubs. ;D

  3. -awesome-
    in our house we had the Hostipble

  4. Got to love what you find at Walrusgreen. Kids are soo funny.


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