May 3, 2012

Three months from today

I'll be in the air, anxiously awaiting my arrival...


For three nights, my BFF/cousin and I will be staying at a very highly rated resort in a beachfront room with this kind of view (am very much hoping we can upgrade to a room with immediate beach access, too).

Our room should look something like this.

We're going with no other plans than
to do as little as possible.

We're not renting a car, we're not doing any shopping, we're not visiting any fancy restaurants, we're not going to any clubs, we're not going to any shows.

We're meeting at the airport and cabbing it to the resort where we'll spend three nights and (almost) four days doing... nothing.

Three months from today. Oh dear I can't wait.

Our 40th year is going to be damn good... damn good.

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  1. I am so jealous. SO. VERY. JEALOUS!
    Sounds like my ideal vacation!


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