February 8, 2013

TILTW: 2.2-2.8.13

Lovie built her first snowman the other day after we got a couple inches of snow... finally. She hasn't really seen much snow since Snowmageddon 2011 when she was only 13 months old. We didn't really play much in it then; in fact, we spent the first couple days of Snowmageddon indoors.

But at three, it's very clear this little chica loves her some snow. Who could blame her really? It's beautiful and fun and pretty damn cool if you think of it. And you don't have to sweat your balls off to have some fun!

I wish I could've would've recorded Lovie's reaction yesterday when I picked her up from school The snow was coming down something fierce. The sweetest smile was plastered across her face. Giggles emerged from her entire being when big snowflake after snowflake smacked her in the face. "Why is the snow keep hitting me?" she squealed as I got her into her car seat.

I'm really beginning to detest bedtimes. Not quite as much as I detest potty training, but it's getting up there in comparison. Oh well, I'm pretty sure these are the things that will matter not down the road so no biggie really, just something else to not in my TILTW.


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