February 5, 2013

posting to post just because i'm feeling needy & want some comment love

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it's official. i'm a Dance Mom.

isn't she darling? she loves ballet. it's a bit crazy to me how unlike me she is, but i absolutely love it so much. she's Lovie and that elates me so.

Lovie's been sleeping in her sleeping bag since the weekend.

on the floor. her choice. it's kinda odd but hey, she's sleeping. she's also been fighting us less since i started laying down with her every night after our bedtime routine. i tell her stories with the lights out and usually fall asleep. she says, "tell another story, mom" and wakes me. i tell another story or two before drifting off or sneaking out for the night. a part of me wants her to just go to sleep without me laying down with her but guess what? this her needing me bit won't last forever so i'm milking it for all it's worth right now. and in the mornings the past couple of days, rather than wake her and get into a fight about what to wear, etc, i wake her and scoop her into my arms and let her snuggle into me for a minute or two. she burrows right into me and it's absolute bliss. i can't even really put it into words. just so peaceful and such a welcome change from fighting about hurrying up. sure it would be great if i could just snap my fingers and have things happen but that's not reality and, again, it won't last forever so may as well enjoy the bliss while i can.

this last bit comes with no pictures... just a reason for some silence around here? i've been getting headaches every single fucking day now for weeks. since the new year really. i'm not dealing well with stuff going on. my grandmother mainly. watching her die is incredibly difficult. i just want her to experience some peace already, yet i don't want to never be able to see her again. see? INSTANT HEADACHE after typing that out. and there's other stuff, too. that's life, though i suppose. and i'm just grateful to be here another day for Lovie.


  1. OMG I remember wearing those tights and shoes and leotards and being 6. She's so damn adorable.

    I like your monsters.

    Sorry about Oma. I hope you both find a way to get some peace.

  2. i love the monsters, too. :) PICMONKEY.COM. free. Yay! :) thanks for comment love!

  3. Oh so many things to say!
    First, Lovie is so cute I could just squeeze her forever!! SO CUTE! The little dance outfit slays me!
    Also, the whole sleeping bag thing is incredibly adorable!

    And lastly, I am so very sorry about your Grandma. I wish you both peace.

  4. Love is adorable as always. And I'm so sorry you're going through such a rough patch right now. I spent the weeks leading up to my aunt's death with near constant grief and stress induced nausea. It was so frustrating that on top of everything else my body was not falling in line with what I needed it to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

  5. Lovie is just so cute. I love my pictures of my kids at that age and my grandkids now. Treasure them, they go by so fast! beebeesworld

  6. You knew I'd comment, didn't you? You knew I couldn't resist a cute girl in a ballet outfit!

    She's beautiful.


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