February 22, 2013

No more pullups.

Home today because of the snow. Let's be honest. It's not nearly as bad as it has been. And it looks all fluffy. Still, I'm not a fan of driving in it with Lovie in the car (we have a 20 mile commute to her school), so take advantage of snowing during rush hour I did. 

And we're home.

So far I've made nutella stuffed crescent rolls and eaten a few whilst being on my second cup of coffee. It's not even 9AM. I think I've done more today than during a normal workday.

Not much going on other than trying to potty train the kiddo. That's going ... not horribly. Hoorah. She's not potty trained by any shape of the imagination, but she pees very willingly when I get her on the pot. I started this a week ago when we got home for the day at about 4:30 in the afternoon. I told her there would be no more pullups. And there hasn't been. Well, not entirely.

Friday night and Saturday was a mess. Literally. She never once went on the potty but that's because I wasn't putting her on it. I was leaving it all up to her because I was certain she's been so defiant towards it all because we were forcing her and she was being stubborn. Finally, before her nap on Sunday, I took her into my lap and talked with her about it all and asked if she wanted to go back to pullups.

"No, I a big girl."

"Yes you are baby, but big girl's don't wet themselves."

I told her that for naps and bedtime we would put her into a pullup (we hadn't Friday night or all day Saturday and night), but that she'd still be a big girl. She was OK with this and she was able to sleep longer without getting drenched in pee.

Then I started sitting her on the potty every hour and... no accidents!

Repeated the same thing on Monday with just a couple accidents.

Tuesday I brought her into school in undies and extra clothes. She had only one accident. Ditto on Wednesday. She was still napping at school in a pullup and sleeping at night in bed with one, too.

Yesterday wasn't a very good day. She was in a pullup when I picked her up from school. All of her extra clothes were wet. Her shoes were wet! We stopped for groceries on our way home and, two hours after leaving school, we got home and I put her on the potty and she peed and peed. And she was dry! So off came the pullup and on came more undies. She started pooping in the damn undies 20 minutes later and I whisked off to the potty where she finished. Fun times. Then while bathing she announced that she had to pee. I whisked her out of the tub and onto the pot and PEE.

She's so proud of herself. And she should be.

Again, she's not potty trained and will very rarely ASK to go or just go on her own... but she's well on her way, I think.

There's just no stopping her.

Time just will not slow down for anything.


  1. This is awesome. And she is on her way. :)

  2. That's great news! I'm sorry it's not going easily, but am thrilled that it's moving along and "not horribly." As you know, I stressed over PT for quite awhile. Thankfully, Little Man decided to potty train himself, but it took 3 years 5 months. Go Lovie!!!!

  3. YEAH!!!!! Good for Lovie and good for you!!!

  4. Great job ladies! You're both doing great, hang in there!


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