June 22, 2012

TILTW: 6.16-6.22

* It's been about a month now since we've gotten rid of the binky and while Lovie doesn't ever bring it up or ask about it anymore, and while she's able to go to sleep better again, she doesn't sleep as long as she did when the binky was in the crib. Now she's up and ready to go after 9 hours of sleep at the absolute max. And her naps? Ugh, she fights naps at home every single time when before she'd ask for her binky and tell us she wanted to nap. That all said, this little guy is set to arrive today and I'm hoping it helps with the early wakeups and naps. Time will tell.

* Father's Day was lovely, really lovely. I made the hubs a cup of coffee to enjoy in bed with Lovie watching cartoons. Then I made my first ever omelet (and it turned out!) and bacon which I served to him in bed. After Lovie took a nap, we picked up my dad and went to a Brazilian steakhouse and all had a great time- on me (not a cheap meal but it was Father's Day, eh). After saying bye to my dad, we visited with the in-laws for a bit before coming home and climbing in bed.

* Despite being very crampy this week, I feel mentally stable for the first time in a very very long time. THANKS TO SWEET BABY JESUS FOR PROZAC.

* A little someone has become quite addicted to this show:

I mean, like really addicted. She talks and sings along to the intro and dances along to the end, then begs for "another one?! another one?! another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mama?! PLEASE!" A month ago I would've said I'll probably do a Bubble Guppies theme for her birthday (yeah it's still another six months away- so what?!), but I'm beginning to lean more toward good old Mickey. She's quite smitten. Still loves her Team Umizoomi but wow does go nuts for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and can I just admit that a) I love the damn songs and dancing and b) the house is absolutely badass!!).


  1. Ada loves MMCH, introduced by the nanny and then reinforced with Minnie Mouse T-shirts courtesy of the nanny. I wish I had some kind of explanation about why I'm opposed to and early Disney-ification of our child and our home. Don't know.

    I'm anxious to see how the clock works for you. The glowing in the dark of the night freaked Ada out so we had to unplug it and put it in a drawer :(

    1. Monica, i HATE Disney crap. hate it. Lovie got some Mickey toys for her 1st bday so she knew the names of the characters but that was it. and the reason i hate Disney crap so much is b/c it's SO commercialized... same reason i'm not a fan of Dora. i just hate all the products; it's maddening to me. that said, just cuz she watches this MMCH, doesn't mean i'm going to go out and get her MM shirts and stuff. i won't do that. the only character products she has is two Kai-Lan shirts and her 2nd bday shirt with Team Umizoomi i custom made- and i don't mind these b/c there's not an abundance of it everywhere you turn. there will be no character sheets on her bed, on her walls, etc. just no. NO. i've given in to the pink and princess dresses (tutus) and that's all i'll give in to. ;) :D

  2. My guys are all about 'zoomie zoomie' and MOUSE!
    They cry when bubble guppies comes on for some reason LOL

  3. Let me know how that wake up timer works for you. Bryce has been climbing into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning, and I have started wondering if something like that would keep him in his own bed.

    Bryce dropped his weekend naps before he was 2, so hopefully Lovie will keep hers up. I sure do miss nap time! ;-)

    1. nuh-uh am i giving in to No Naps.
      so far so good with the Owl; i'll probably dedicate a post to him so stay tuned :)

  4. Um, that owl guy looks badass. Let us know!


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