June 25, 2012

nothing exciting going on over here

We didn't do much of anything this weekend.

I mean, it's Summertime and according to Facebook, we should be doing a lot during the summer on the weekends. We should be going to the pool, water park, or beach; we should be going to amusement parks and zoos; we should be having huge family BBQs. There shouldn't ever be a dull moment during our weekends in the summer.

Yet this weekend was, in fact, quite dull. And frankly, we like it like that.

Saturday we drove an hour and half out to visit with my ailing grandmother, stopping off for lunch at a Chile's first.

We spent 3 hours with Oma in her un-air conditioned, un-childproofed house. I parked my fat ass next to Oma on the couch and listened to her stories and opinions and memories (good and bad) for three hours while Taye kept Lovie occupied with toys and modeling clay inside, trips outside to kick a nerf ball around, play with chalk. When we got home, we ate some take-out, watched TV for a bit, and went to bed.

Yesterday we did nothing but play restaurant, hide n seek, and tea party before taking a nap and heading out to the grocery store. When we got home, we had dinner, Lovie took a bath, we watched TV, went to bed.

There was no water play, no fun rides, no new toys. It was just the three of us giggling, farting around, and enjoying each other's company.

Truth be told it was pretty damn glorious.


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    1. :) a part of me is so thankful Lovie seems to be homebody like me. ;)

  2. GOOD! Facebook isn't always right. Glad you got to hang with Oma!


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