March 1, 2012

Still hate it.

One of my favorite photos from 2011 is one I took of Lovie in the dead of summer on July 31st. We were at the park. Yet again. She was on this piece of equipment that is in the shape of a large blue circle that spins, tilted, around and around. Above the spinning circle is a circular bar that also spins. Apparently this piece of equipment (seriously anyone know WTF I'm talking about?!) is for an adult or very tall child to utilize by standing on the blue, spinning, tilted circle/platform, while holding on to the circular bar (kind of looks like a steering wheel) above and spinning. Or something.

All I know for certain is my girl LOVES this thing. She flocks to it every time we go to the park. And if she happens to be on the swings or running around by the slides and sees someone else go to the blue spinning platform thing, she scrunches up her face, points to the blue spinning platform (WTF IS IT CALLED?!?), makes eye contact with me and cries out.


Anyway, despite that photo being my favorite, despite the fact that I really do love seeing her play at the park, I still don't miss it... Summer. I still hate it. A lot. And I'm not looking forward to it either. The sweltering heat, the sticky humidity, the sweat moistening every inch (and there's a lot of inches people) of my body. YUCK!!


  1. You're daughter is adorable! I'm guessing you live somewhere very warm, so summer is the bad time of year. Up here in Minnesota, I live for summer! It's all perspective, I guess:)

  2. thanks Dara! i live in Chicago so we (usually) get some harsh winters but for me, personally, i live for Fall and Winter months.

  3. I'm laughing! I'm like you, I don't like the summer heat. I love the spring and the fall, perfect weather for being outside. That card at the end was a classic. have a nice day. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. You're daughter is adorable! I would hate the summer heat if we suffered from much of it too, but around here it is just warm enough for swimming but not warm enough to warrant air conditioning in the summer--best of both worlds!

  5. Pretty sure I made this comment sometime last year, but...I CAN'T WAIT. I've been trying not to complain about the non-cold winter hoping it makes me get to the hot-hot summer faster! And I can't tell you enough how gorgeous Lovie is.

  6. I don't know what those things are called either, but it made me laugh. Your lovie is a cutie!

    I hate humidity too! It's the death of me. That's why when you said every inch of me...I had to laugh.

    thanks for sharing your summer pic.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's workshop.

  7. i'm the opposite, i love summer! give me the heat over the cold any day. and e does the same thing at the playground--but with the swings. she spots them from across the entire thing, points and shouts, "bah bah bah" at them while toddling in that direction. so cute!

  8. It's not for a while yet :) Think of all the great pictures you can get of her this coming summer though - sweet!


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