March 2, 2012

Another edition: TILTW

* As evidenced by the above photo, Lovie still adores pink and is still as cute as friggin ever. ;)

* I'm beginning to realize exactly how it is that all those parents I've seen tune out their kids, tune them out. It used to boggle my mind when a parent would blatantly ignore their screaming, whining, snotting, whatevering child while, in my head, I was screaming and shaking the Mom to TAKE CONTROL, ALREADY!  I mean, you know and have seen (or maybe have even been) the Mom in Target who is paying her tab with one kid in the cart screaming, one kid hanging on the outside of the cart pulling the kid inside the carts hair, and one kid on her hip crying for the goldfish crackers next to the cash register- all while never once even looking at the kids or telling them to STFU. After two years of parenting, I'm finally getting it now... they don't shut up sometimes! Hehe. When Lovie learns something new and cool to her (which is everything), she talks about it. NON STOP. Last week we stopped at the park but I told her that we had to play fast and leave soon because the sun was going down. Oh man did that open up a can of worms and discussion. And now, every morning and every afternoon during our car rides (and sometimes upon first waking in the morning), I hear "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?"  "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?" "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?" "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?" "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?" "Sun goes down and it gets dark." "Sun goes down and it gets dark, Mama?"

* I'm fortunate enough that the husband and I are on the same page when it comes to parenting.

* I'm fortunate, period. And blessed. And oh so grateful. Every day... (On that note, I'd like to say thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts from last week's need for Peaceful thoughts for my friend who lost her mom a week ago. While her mom is finally at peace and no longer having to suffer from ALS, my friend is still, very understandably, in a lot of pain. So really, any Peaceful vibes you can muster are more than appreciated. And for those of us who are fortunate enough to still have our moms or a very special loved one, try to let them know your appreciation a little more this weekend. Be grateful.)

* I gave in and finally purchased Mixed Chicks* hair product for the Loviester. Today is day 6 since her hair has last been washed (she bathes much more often, don't fret), and it still looks great. The curls are much more ... curly than when we weren't using the Mixed Chicks product. So far so good.

* Amazon Prime* (I'm a "guest" of my husband's account) is SCARY. I have to remember that this is REAL MONEY I'm using! (It's also where I purchased the aforementioned- so I paid what MC charges but didn't pay for any S&H and got the product the next day!!)

* Tomorrow is the start of the Fierceness in 2012: my BFF/cousin is turning 40! And I'm so very excited. She's having a dinner party with champagne and cupcakes to follow. :) She's such an amazing, giving person. I'm so very lucky to have had her right by my side these past (almost... for me, at least) 40 years. The gift I'm giving her is a collection of memories from our past all piled into a reusable bag. I found the perfect card to go along with it all and I've written, from my heart, a little ditty about why I've chosen the gifts I've chosen... but mainly I was able to sum up my love and gratitude for her in one phrase which I've bolded in my little ditty: I pray that Lovie has a { BFF/Cousin's name } in her life. I know I'm going to cry tomorrow because I'm already getting verklempt thinking about it... it's just that this chica has always been such an incredibly giving person, always there to listen and give advice. She's one of the most self-less people I've ever encountered and it's more than time for her to find some true happiness and peace in her own life.

* Mixed Chicks and Amazon Prime don't know who I am and have no idea I'm writing about them or linking to them; these are simply my own personal opinions stated because I want to state them.

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  1. I forget that your cousin is your BFF just like mine! We are lucky to have that relationship, I think. :-) My CBFF is one in a billion.

    I hope you have a blast. A blast!!!!


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