March 21, 2012

she takes my breath away

i know she kinda looks mad here but the sun was in her eyes and she was concentrating walking on this ledge and catching up with a little boy she befriended... taken 3/20/12 at the park

About an hour ago, while driving Lovie to school before driving myself to work, I got stuck behind some jackhole going 10 under the speed limit. So I honked my horn. All while the Wiggles played in the background.

Lovie didn't say anything. We live in the city and I guess she's just used to honking horns by now.

A minute later, when said jackhole wouldn't speed up or move out of the way (a friggin semi passed us!), I mumbled something negative under my breath. I don't even know what I mumbled, to be honest, and while it probably did not include a cuss word, the tone in which the mumble exited my mouth would let even a foreigner know I wasn't happy.

"What's wrong, Mama?" Lovie asks from the back seat.

Is she not the sweetest thing ever? My lord I am so blessed.

"Oh nothing, sweet girl," I replied. "Just that some people really shouldn't be allowed to drive."

"It's OK," she said. Then, after a couple seconds she said, "You know I love you, Mama."

I nearly cried.

Honest to god every time I hear her say she loves me, I nearly cry- even though she generally only says it after I say it. Still, my heart nearly explodes. Every single time. But to hear her tell me this just because she wants me to be happy? It takes my breath away.

"Oh sweet baby girl, I love you, too. So, so much!"

"I wanna give you hug," she continued.

What is going on here?!? Wow.

"Oh honey, me too," I answered. "We're almost at school and as soon as we get there, I'm gonna give you lots and lots of hugs and kisses."

And I did.

And then she didn't want me to leave and the teacher had to come carry her away as she kicked and screamed and reached for me.

But she loves me and I love her and she's the sweetest thing in the whole world and by golly, life is damn good.


  1. ACK THIS IS FRICKING ADORABLE. PJ always asks "What wrong Mama?" If I say ouch or seem to be annoyed. And then I tell him and he'll go "It okay mama."

    1. this... THIS IS WHAT IT'S ABOUT! :)

  2. OH be still my heart. You really did get the most amazing gift of all!!


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