December 23, 2011

top 10 till 2 continues

6 more days till Lovie's the big TWO.

To celebrate, I'll be posting a favorite photo of Lovie from 2011 every day until the 29th- her 2nd birthday. This was anything but easy to decide on. And I'm sure I'm leaving out so many wonderful (to me) photos but for the sake of sanity, here's my 6th favorite from the year:

OK so this is really two pictures in one but I couldn't help it because both of these needed to be in the top 10. They just needed to be. They're actually both from April (insane that she's wearing a short sleeve dress in April outside!!). It kills me the way she's looking up at my mom in the left photo, and the one on the right with my dad and her... just so sweet. Both of my parents adore her to pieces and I think it really shows in these photos.


  1. What adorable pics! I can't believe 2 is almost here!

  2. I especially love the picture with your dad. What a great perspective!

  3. Love the grandparent pics!

    Happy (almost) b-day, Lovie!!


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