December 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas (and never got)

1.) 10 things I Wanted for Christmas as a Kid but Didn’t Get and Still Want. (inspired by Hello Giggles)

Just because I'm the baby in the family, doesn't mean I was spoiled- though I'm sure my brother and sister would argue with me. None of us were ever asked (that I know about) to compile Christmas Wish Lists. Ever. Sure there were always gifts under the tree at Christmas. Sure it was a wonderful time of year for everyone. But, it wasn't really about the quantity of the gifts (good thing as there was never more than a couple for each of us) so much as it was about the quantity of time spent with family. (Cheesy, yes? But very true.)

I guess because it's all I ever really knew, it didn't bother me so much that we never got a lot of toys at Christmas (or at birthdays). I remember visiting with cousins or friends and seeing toy after toy after toy and always enjoying playing with whatever they would let me play with, but I don't think I was ever really jealous of them. I know I liked to go over to other people's houses to play way more than having anyone over at my house, and I remember the reason being because we didn't have a lot of stuff to play with, but I never got angry about it (that I can recall now).

That all said, there are definitely a few toys that I do remember always hankering over, always wanting and never getting no matter how much I'd get my hopes up.

Toys like the Big Wheel.

Man, how I wanted a Big Wheel. I was always so jealous of all the kids I'd see riding their Big Wheel! And when I'd visit one of my cousins, I'd always beg to ride one of theirs around their cul-de-sac and we'd always have races. I never grew tired of my love for a Big Wheel. If they made them in adult sizes, I'd get one today... and you bet your bottom dollar my kid is getting one (probably next year) whether she wants it or not! ;)

Or a Lite Brite

I wanted one of these for years!! I remember going over to one of my mom's friends house and seeing their kids Lite Brite sitting off in another room. I'd just longingly look at it until someone would finally ask if I wanted to play with it. Of course that's when one of the kids would appear and demand that I leave it alone because I would wreck their creation. Spoiled rotten brats!

Oh and then there's the Speak and Spell!

While I was a tomboy and loved playing outside with the boys, I was also pretty nerdy, too. I admit it. I loved going to school, loved writing with pens, loved spelling, etc. So why not want a Speak and Spell? Did I ever get one? No!

Finally, there's the Merlin.

I actually almost forgot about the Merlin till I was looking through Google Images for popular toys in the late 70s and saw this image. From my recollection, Merlin is kind of like Simon- another game I thought was cool but never got. You know- the game plays a sound and a light and you have to mimic it and it gets faster and faster and harder and harder. Yeah, I wanted one and never got one. I mean, really! How much would one have cost back in the day?

I couldn't make a list of 10. I tried, but I just couldn't do it... Just more proof to me that there's no need to give a shitton every single year. But, it's also proof to me that if my girl really wants one or two things that aren't ridiculously expensive or unattainable (LIKE A BIG WHEEL, FFS!), I will get her one. Or Santa will.

Sidenote: Do you know that I always wanted a real Trapper Keeper, too?!? I would beg my mom for one every single year and she would never get me one because they were "too expensive." I wanted one for so long that finally, when my mom got a job at Walgreens WHEN I WAS THIRTY YEARS OLD, she got me one. No lie.

All images courtesy of google images except for Mama Kat's button.


  1. I always wanted Lite Brite, too! Fortunately, some of my friends had one for me to play with...

  2. The Speak 'n' Spell is on my list too!

  3. Visiting from Mama Kat's. We must be the same age because all of those were things that I wanted desperately too. Although I had a Lite-Brite, I wanted a Big Wheel so badly. We lived on gravel though so it just didn't ever make sense. My best friend lived in town though and she always let me ride hers as long as I wanted. My "rich" cousins had a speak and spell and I caused my parents and aunt and uncle to consume large amounts of alcohol once we reached "The Cabin" in northern Minnesota after a 14 hour car ride listening to Mr. Speak and Spell!

  4. I had all of them except Merlin, which I've never even head of. I had the math version of speak and spell too.

    I was an only child. Give me a break.

  5. My sister had Merlin and lite brite. I inherited them when she was finished. I never had a husband did, though, and remembers it fondly. Both our little ones have them now.

  6. I have to missed out on the Lite Brite. That was one of the toys that I actually did have and it was quite cool...although I always had to fight the adults to get the chance to use it...and it was MY TOY!

  7. I was a child of the 80's, and asked every year for a Cabbage Patch Kid and a Pound Puppy (Neither of which I ever got).

  8. Don't hate me but I had three out of four of those toys. We must be pretty close to the same age!

  9. You are the age of my oldest and I got her a lite bright and played with it myself. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Can you still buy Lite Brite? That thing was freaking awesome - my grandparents had one for the grandkids to play with. If I had one of those I would probably STILL play with it!


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