December 5, 2011

Christmastime is here!

I've been reading to Lovie before she was even born and when I saw this neat thing on The Pinterest about wrapping books and having your child open one to read every night during the Christmas season, I was like NEATO! But then it quickly dawned on me: I don't have 24 Christmas-related books, nor do I have the funds to go out and get a ton of Christmas-related books.  But, I have picked up a few and started to introduce them to Lovie after Thanksgiving.

First up was My Little Polar Bear because it wasn't really Christmas-related and we weren't even into December yet. It's a cute (and short) story, but I think I like it more than Lovie does.

Next up was what this post is all about- Christmastime is Here! A Fisher Price Little People lift the flap book.
This books is AWESOME. Lovie, 24 days shy of age 2, cannot get enough of this book. Every night before bed we read to her and last night we each had to read this one twice. She just loves looking at what's under all the flaps- and half the time it cracks her up!

So if you're looking for a Christmas-y book for your toddler, you really must seek this one out (I got it from TJ Maxx for like $7 or something). It's not religious or anything; it's just fun and cute.

And since this is about toddlers and Christmas, check out what I just picked up at the grocery store during my lunch break:

Don't you wish you could be 2 again?!?

I wasn't compensated in any way, shape, or form for my opinions stated within this post. Neither of these companies know that I even exist.


  1. Ack PJ would love that book...I'll have to see if I can find it.

  2. you could wrap up books that you 2 she will never know and any other age they forget what they have on their book shelves :)

  3. So funny! I used my 20% off coupon at BRU 2 weeks ago and got this book. There are so many flaps it definitely keeps Ada entertained.

  4. Yes, I wholeheartedly wish I could be 2 again. Seriously, they get to wear the best clothes.

  5. I don't even remember being 2. If I could be 2 again I'd love to remember everything about it! I must check to see if they sell that book over here. Thanks for recommending it! :)

  6. I want a pair of those skidders!

    Seriously, great gift idea! What grocery store?

  7. I'm going to have to look for this book now!

    And those socks/shoes are so cute!!


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