December 25, 2011

December Favorite

I can't even say enough about why this is my favorite photo of December. It was just taken yesterday, Christmas Eve, and every time I look at this photo or just think about it, I well up. That there is my dear grandmother whose first name happens to be Lovie's middle name. Oma means the world to me; she's the most amazing woman I know and probably ever will know. She's also been very ill and has pretty much given up on life and claims to be ready to die. I've come to terms with this- as much as it pains me. I have no desire to lose my Oma, but I'd much rather her be in peace than live in misery. And right now, she's pretty miserable. Unless Lovie is around. That smile... that's how I see Oma in my head whenever I think of her. I don't see a women who is rail thin and suffering. I see a woman full of SO much life and SO much love. And that's how Lovie will remember her, too. Because of photos like this. Because of the stories I will share when I tell her why her middle name is what it is. Because that's who Oma is and always will be.

{participating in the Paper Mama photo challenge}


  1. Love the photo : ) Very special

  2. Oma sounds German to me (though I called mine Omi).
    Yes, kids make everything better, my Mom lightened up, too, when she saw little Niece.


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