December 16, 2011

Merry Whackadoo to You!

This is going to sound nuts... crazy... insane... whackadoo: I ordered 3 different sets of holiday cards this year.

Nuts... crazy... insane... whackadoo, right?!

But here's the reason: 2 sets were free (thank you Shutterfly and Tiny Prints) and the 3rd set ... I just had to get them printed.

Let's review, shall we?

Set 1 was ordered in November through Shutterfly for free.

Gorgeous, no? It's one of my favorite family photos of us since Lovie's birth. I just adore everything about that photo- the color behind us, my long hair with silver shining through (festive, no??), DH's chocolatey comlexion, and Lovie's adorableness. I just adore that child. We adore her- and I think it shows in that photo which is why I slapped it onto cards that got sent out the 1st of December.

Set 2 was ordered in early December through Tiny Prints for free.

Fun, no? Since we had Merrry Christmas cards made with set 1, we figured why not get New Years cards. I adore everything about this photo, too- same reasons as above, really. And believe it not, neither of these photos are posed. Sure we knew the photog was snapping pictures and our goal was to get some nice family photos, but we didn't sit and say cheese. I'm just not a fan of those photos. Not always, at least.

Set 3 ... Set 3 is my favorite and was just ordered last week through Shutterfly during one of their sales.

I had to make these. I had to. I got the inspiration when I submitted my entry into a holiday photo card challenge and I just had to make these to give to people who I would know would get a kick out of it... like her teachers (they all loved it) and special friends, and of course one for the scrapbooks! ;D

So there you have it, my friends...
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Happy Holidays!

(all images are screen shots of the Preview of the card from Shutterfly or Tiny Prints where i used their card images and plugged in a photo and names. the wording on the last card is from me- though the design of the card belongs to Shutterfly.)


  1. Dude, your hair looks amazing in that first one! :)

    Merry Whackadoo to you too!

  2. I am impressed by the cards of course. What I didn't know about you was what a deal hound you are! The first two sets for FREE? Sweet!

  3. Oh, yeah. I would have ordered all three, too!

  4. I have 2 sets of cards this year, one I too got for free from Tiny Prints. Love your cards, really beautiful!

    Did you know Chosen Chaos has a Christmas card linky?

  5. Love them all! I wish I was organized enough to do something similar.

  6. Great cards, all three of them :-) Wow you hair looks fantastic!


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