December 19, 2011

top 10 countdown to 2

10 more days till Lovie's the big TWO.

To celebrate, I'll be posting a favorite photo of Lovie from 2011 every day until the 29th- her 2nd birthday. This was anything but easy to decide on. And I'm sure I'm leaving out so many wonderful (to me) photos but for the sake of sanity, here's my 10th favorite from the year:

This was taken back in March. If this doesn't make the grumpiest of people smile, I'm not sure what would. I hate that the binky is in the photo but she does sleep with it (until the Binky Fairy comes the day after her birthday to take them away to give to babies who need them since she's a Big Girl) and it's just a sweet and funny picture of Lovie during her 2nd year in 2011.


  1. I love sleeping baby! Can you imagine what it must be like to so entirely trust that you are safe and cared for that you can just fling your arms and legs out and sleep without a care in the world? So sweet!!

  2. Aww don't hate on the binky... it's a perfect picture! That's where she was/is in her life... a snapshot in time!

  3. Nothing better than pics of sleeping angels. And this picture is priceless!


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