December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

4 more days till Lovie's the big TWO.

To celebrate, I'll be posting a favorite photo of Lovie from 2011 every day until the 29th- her 2nd birthday. This was anything but easy to decide on. And I'm sure I'm leaving out so many wonderful (to me) photos but for the sake of sanity, here's my 5th favorite from the year:

This was taken just last month after we had gotten home from school and work- and after Lovie opened up a present from my BFF cousin. A soft and plus elephant, which Lovie hugged and loved on immediately. She's SUCH a sweetheart, my Lovie.

And since it's Christmas day, here's a sneak peek at what transpired in our home earlier as Lovie discovered her present from Mama and Daddy:

We spent about two hours putting it together, and she played with it for about two hours non-stop after discovering it so we're even. ;D

It's been a very Merry Christmas here- hope it is wherever you are, too!

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