December 12, 2011

a day in the life of (when we're home): The Listicle

It's Monday Listicles Day!

I'm playing a bit differently than the rest and presenting a day in the life of (when we're home). Today's Listicle is immediately followed by pictures with greater explanation... I hope you enjoy!

1.       Smiles and snuggles in bed
2.       Cheerios (and milk!)
3.       Glue sticks and crafting fun while listening to Christmas music (I'm not even exaggerating one bit when I say that Lovie sat in her chair the entire time we made our wreath! I never knew a glue stick could hold an almost 2 year old's attention even more than Team Umizoomi!)
4.       TV break
5.       Time to make some cookies and eat lunch
6.       Nap time
7.       Snuggles and TV
8.       Daddy’s home
9.       Tuna sandwiches and chips
10.   Bath and bedtime

In greater detail...

Bedtime Saturday night was a tad later than normal so Lovie didn't get up Sunday morning till Daddy got up to go to work at about 8 (this is completely abnormal- neither of us work weekends). He brought her in to me and she was all smiles. What a way to wake up! (Normally I get her up.) We snuggled in bed for about half an hour, watching Chica on Sprout TV. Then we got up, had some cheerios, and started our day as Daddy went to work. 

After daddy got home, we all had tuna sandwiches and chips, watched Team Umizoomi (while I played on the computer) and colored. Then daddy gave Lovie a bath and we got ready for bed (watched an episode of Ni Hao Kai Lan before retiring to Lovie's room and reading for about 15 minutes).

I'm not sure what I would do with myself if every day was as awesome as this.  We could go on walks, to the park, visit the old folks (my dad's retired, his parents are retired, my Oma is ailing). We could go to the library and book stores, out for coffee and hot chocolate. Or we could just stay home like we did this day and do a lot of nothing- yet oh so much!

Thank goodness I have work to snap me back into reality.

Seriously, thank goodness for days like yesterday. I take NONE of it for granted and I very well realize how lucky I do have it- to at least be blessed with such an amazing little girl who calls me Mama.


  1. Seriously, I love everything about this post!

    Makes me want to order us up another day off!

    We also had one of these days yesterday, which is why I didn't get your post to you yet. Today. Today, I tell you :-)

  2. What a truly lovely day! Love the photo story.

  3. Lovie's hair! It must be a combing challenge. Sooooo cute! Love the photos and the time it took to put this post together.

  4. Aw, I love how she is concentrating so hard on that craft! adorable - and good job too! sounds like a great day......but the highlight is always when daddy comes home, isn't it? it's a bit sad -- but just so right too.

  5. Your home looks and sounds cozy and filled with love! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  6. What a great day. I'd give anything for a tantrum-free day like this! :)

  7. What a sweet mom you are to document a day for your child like that (and what great activities!) But my favorite is the Daddy's Home shot. Priceless.

  8. You day is so happy, your life always looks so calm and full of smiles. I like it. And how awesome is your home made wreath!!!

  9. Lovie is so stinkin cute!
    Are those BabyLegs? You know you can make them for $2 a pair? I can send you the directions if you're interested.

  10. I love this! Seems like the perfect type of day to me, down to the crafts & cookie baking!

  11. Love the photo story and your take on home. Makes me feel warm and relaxed. :)

  12. Sounds like you and lovie had a perfectly lovely day!

  13. What a great day off! And your wreath is adorable! Perhaps my almost 2 year old would make one....


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