July 13, 2010

Show Off

Finally had Lovie's 6 month appointment today (2 weeks after the big milestone):

Doc called her a show off because of her sitting (like a pro for a month now), because she's done blowing raspberries (that's *so* 4 months!) and is now doing consonants. :) 

She was a champ with the shots- cried a tad with the second shot and that's all she wrote. She's napping now.

She's in the 75th percentile for everything:

26.5 inches
17.4 pounds
size 3 diapers
size 6-9 month clothes
100% special, adored, loved
(never remember the head circumference- but it, too, is 75th%)


  1. I love the pic you chose for this post... she's all "what? it's no big deal..."


  2. go lovie, go lovie, go go go lovie! i agree with sara, awesome picture choice. she is just too cute!

  3. YAY Lovie!! That is excellent!! She is soo cute! Bailey and her were the same length at 6 months, but Bailey is now 8.5 months and 15.5 pounds, LOL! Bailey just started doing raspberries again, she had not done them in a while :)

  4. So good to hear all is good! Jack was the same weight at his 6 month, but he is a shorty. : )

    Such a cute picture.


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