July 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I have the space heater on here at work. It's 90 out. I HATE SUMMER remember? But it's so cold in here that I just needed to do it.

My debit card expires in 4 days and they claim they sent out a replacement last month. Oy.

I haven't looked through my mail - any of it - in about three months. I just don't see the point- except that now I need my replacement debit card.

I think it's super sweet when people get you a little trinket to let you know that they were thinking of you. But I hate when they ask about it later. I didn't ask you to get me anything in the first place so fuck off if I don't want to use it, wear it, show it off. It's a trinket FFS. Next time give me the $1.50 you spent on it and I can get myself an iced coffee. And drink it. And tell you all about it.

I really wanna get Lovie a pair of converse all stars but just can't justify the price. But I have my eye on a purple pair. Her feet are insanely small anyway. I bought a couple pair of Squeakers (I think they're called) once when they were on sale on Mamabargains and neither pair fit. One pair was for 3-6 months and the other was for 6-9 or 9-12 or something. I think she may have freakishly small feet. I almost asked the Pedi about it but I figured (hoped) he would've said something if they were freakish. She's never worn a pair of shoes since she's been born since the only two pair I bought don't fit.

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