July 19, 2010

Can you see this/help?

I had a wedding shower to go to yesterday and while I'm not one to leave my baby when I don't have to, I just didn't think a wine bar (where the shower was being held) was an appropriate place to bring my doll... so we packed up the car and headed out to grandma's (and great-grandma's)!

Mother's Day was the last time they saw my Lovie so it took her a second to warm up to them... but their smiles and kisses and hugs and complete attention made it a super easy and fast transition.

And before you know it, my Lovie was like, um, making out with grandma! It was crazy. She (Lovie) just wouldn't stop grabbing grandma's face and kissing it!

Hopefully you can see that picture because that's the only one I could take (stupid camera phone makes everything so blurry).

(Shhhh Grandma, don't tell her I gave you a million kisses or she'll want a million and one!)

I did get a 20 second video of the make-out session- the end of it- but I have no clue how to get it off my phone! Anyone know how to do this? I tried uploading to Facebook, like I do the pics I take with the same phone, but I don't see the option. Boo!

OMG was it hysterical!


  1. Pie has just started doing this too. It kills me!! With others she just smooshes faces, but Husband and I get the upgraded make-out complete with tounge....usually to his cheek and my nose.

  2. awww! kisses from the baby girl!

  3. so cute! henry has been really into making out with people lately too. so cute, but i'm not positive everyone wants a tongue bath!


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