July 9, 2010



I have to go to the dentist today.

I can't put it off any longer.

My mouth hurts too much and I'm getting headaches every day as a result (pretty sure).

I hate the dentist.

I know, I know: Who likes going to the dentist?  Freaks, that's who. ;)

Besides the pain and the embarrassment (I couldn't even tell you how many fillings, crowns, etc are in there), it's just so fucking expensive. Even with "dental insurance".

And besides all that, I'm just - plain and simple - a'scared.


... and I forgot toothpaste so I can even brush before I go.


  1. I hoped it turned out better than that guy in the photo! Love it- I can't believe you forget toothpasts :) funny...hope your headaches get better!!! www.breebee.com

  2. Holy crap! Where did you get that picture?

    I know I'm not a freak, because I used to hate going to the dentist too... but I must have found one in a million. I love my dentist's office. The hygenist never gives me shit about not flossing enough, and the dentist is a younger guy who jokes around & never makes you feel like you have a dirty skank mouth for needing to get a filling.

  3. My dental insurance is a freakin joke. I hate the dentist too. Theyre all a bunch of bastards.


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