July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend Review in Photos

The weekend started out with a visit from my BFF/Cousin from NYC. Lovie and I picked her up from the airport at 10am Saturday and the three of us spent the rest of the morning at a new favorite breakfast joint before coming home, dropping off the babe with the husband, and going out for mani/pedi's. Fortunately Lovie napped the whole time we were out so we missed not one moment with the star of our weekend/life.

When Lovie wasn't being doted on she was either sleeping or eating... while she occasionally will turn down "solids", she never rejects a piece of frozen fruit in her mesh feeder (greatest friggin baby invention, I swear!)...

... or her toes. Lovie never ever rejects her toes and will Nom on them whenever she can!

(I couldn't help but to notice that regardless what is done to her hair, Lovie has a couple of strands of hair that roll together straighter than the rest of her kinky curly hair. It drives me crazy for some reason!)

While Lovie napped early Sunday morning, I dropped off my BFF/Cousin at the train station so she could visit other family that live 60 miles out of the city. And because it was ridiculously hot the entire weekend, both Sunday (the 4th) and Monday were spent indoors with my little Firecracker.  No BBQ's, no fireworks, just Momma, Daddy, and Lovie.  It was GLORIOUS!

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, too!


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend! Happy 4th! I love Lovie's hair! So cute!!

  2. awww, "Mommy's little firecracker!"


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